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February 2005 Issue - Our Cupcakes Runneth Over With Love
The BB Cupcake Collection

Classic White Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting !!!Free Recipe!!!

Professional Pastry Chef’s Butter Cream

Black and White Chocolate Cupcakes with Truffle Topping

Country Kitchen Carrot Cupcakes

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cupcakes & Double Chocolate Frosting

Oh So Coco-Nutty Cupcakes

Ice Box Two-Layered Banana Cream Pudding
So smooth, cool, sweet, luscious, you will stand at the fridge with a spoon. If you think banana pudding is a yawn, you will eat your words and every last morsel as penance. Awesome. Thanks to Maya Angelou for the inspiration. (But this ain’t no ‘hurt me’ puddin’, this one rocks)

The ‘Big Cookie’ or BisCookie
Lunch at the café near me introduced me to the ‘Big Cookie’: mammoth wedges of biscotti instead of sticks, coated in chocolate. These are dense, satisfying, and rather sophisticated and will have people totally riveted. OK – these are lookers but they taste great too. Not as crisp as regular biscotti but featuring those wonderful, characteristic biscotti flavor notes.

Fat Albert Bars, a Marcy Goldman Signature Recipe
Hey, hey, hey! Big, fat, unbelievably stuffed brownie/blondie hunks. A groundbreaking recipe. Lawsuit Muffins move over - there’s a new recipe to fight over. Warning: this recipe is only available for a limited time! All my recipes are ‘signature’ but this one is so outstanding, it breaks the mold, even for moi.

Blueberry Pie Filling Coffeecake
A great ‘keeping’ and slicing cake that whips together in seconds. Freezes well, slices like a dream and reminds you summer IS on the way. Cherry would work fine too.

Birdseed Bread
Hey Tweedy Bird - good carbs in a fragrant, lightly seeded, wholly wholesome bread. A great bread that freezes well or makes a sandwich a saintly experience.

Sticky Chicken
Sticky, tangy, garlicky good. Worth the sticky fingers


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