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Muffins - Scones

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These muffins are extraordinary no matter how you bake them but making them using Melitta coffee filter papers put them over the top (or get those new bigger muffin baking cups). Taste? Smooth bananas, with caramel, pecans, brown sugar and vanilla –a pure bouquet of autumnal sweetness. 

The wonder of old-fashioned banana cake flavor in a flaky little scone.

These are perky muffins that are silky and banana-ish in taste but spruced up with ruby red raspberries. Why always raisins and walnuts or chocolate chips when it comes to banana baking? These are also good with frozen rhubarb chunks and banana hunks (see variation). You will be amazed how wonderful banana batter is with tart raspberries thrown in. Now, what about blueberries?

These are moist and fragrant and despite the healthy things going on in here, an incredibly delicious muffin. Coconut oil makes these extra healthy (and the whole-wheat flour) but you can use all butter or canola oil. What makes these amazing is the taste, texture and moistness!

Bakers in the city of Bath, England were the first to make these sweet buns famous. These are tender, sweet, and spicy little affairs buns, with a bit of dried fruit and characteristically finished with coarse sugar. (This sugar looks like pretzel salt and you can try Sweet Celebrations or King Arthur Flour). If you can't get coarse sugar, crush up sugar cubes and dust the tops of these treats with the crumbled cube sugar.

These are chocolate-kissed, buttery little scones that disappear like the melting morsels they are. These are only as good as the milk chocolate you use. Milk chocolate oozes into each buttery crevice of these scones making them the scon version of warm Tollhouse cookies.

A mellow and classic banana bread with just enough sweetness, moistness and warm banana flavour to make it a blue-ribbon winner. The best banana breads feature extremely ripe bananas that are fork-mashed (not pureed bananas; a potato masher is actually better than a fork).  Buttermilk is sublime in this recipe but you can swop in cola, coffee or orange juice - whatever you have on hand.

You can make these muffins small to give, or make them large to surprise your family with

These are hardly muffins. They are baker's 'eye candy'. Bake them in miniature loaf pans or 4 inch mini brioche molds. Some bakers call them baby cakes. I call them SDG (so darned good). The Oreo Streusel makes these outstanding.

A muffin in a loaf? A soda bread with attitude? Just darned good!

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