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Muffins - Scones

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Flecks of vanilla and vanilla extract both, enhance these flaky scones. Rolling the scones on sugar, rather than flour, accounts for their flaky pastry taste. Kosher salt is more subtle in taste and is recommended.

Rustic and comforting sweetness in a scone.

These are moist and fragrant and despite the healthy things going on in here, an incredibly delicious muffin. Coconut oil makes these extra healthy (and the whole-wheat flour) but you can use all butter if you prefer. What makes these amazing is the taste, texture and moistness! These are sooooo satisfying.

A bit of whole-wheat in this moist muffin only adds to the appeal. These are moist, spring and fragrant - no one can wait until these are cooled to dig in!

These are heaven. It is hard to convince anyone in a world of chocolate chunk caramel blitz muffins that is the rage these days but these areā€¦..the best.
Delicate ,packed with nutrition, flavor and gorgeous of crumb, with a gently crisp top cap. If you have a thing against dates, use raisins or cranberries or just stop dating. Btw, depending on the whole wheat flour you use, you might need 1/4 cup more or less of the liquid in the recipe -so start with 3/4 cup and see if you have to add (this is a thick, gloppy batter).

These yeasted scones are an adaptation of a recipe given to me by George Fenn. According to George, the bakery was started by the late Don Lloyd in 1949 and they were/are renown for Don's Scones. In summer they make hundreds of these daily and  this part of Muskoka loves them; this recipe should make a fan out of you too. These are not quite scones, not quite a sweet roll but something totally different. They are best fresh but incredible toasted; they are simply wonderful, lightly sweet, buttery pillows that have scone taste and look with a sweet bun attitude.  I would also try this recipe with raisins or dried cranberries and a touch of vanilla.

These are not quite scones, not quite rolls but quick and easy deeply cheddared buns. They are best fresh but incredible toasted.

Golden yellow, slightly sweet and crunchy.

These are moist, fragrant muffins with all the flavor of summer packed in them. A touch of bran and some whole-wheat flour is an added nutritional boost. These are sturdy muffins, great for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. You can also make these into a quick bread if you are a slice-and-go sort.

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