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Muffins - Scones

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Over 2200 downloads! My, these are popular scones and why not? They're so big ‘n hefty, crusty with tender cake-like interiors. An oversized ice-cream scoop is all you need to plunk these down on a baking sheet. Then see them rise better than your expectations. You can also sub the strawberries for currants if you are in a dried fruit sort of mood and want a totally different scone experience.

Big, beautiful crusty scones with cake-like interiors. Buttermilk makes them high-rising and dried strawberries are a nice surprise. Feel free to swap in fresh or dried cranberries.

Coffee batter muffins with a topping or "froth" of sweetened cream cheese. You can use regular muffin tins for these or as I did here - mini tart tins so that you get a muffin 'top' shape. The yield changes somewhat depending what pan you use but these are fabulous - no matter what approach you use. The flavor? Omig-d - it's everything in these!

Another "steal this recipe" formula.This combination came about when I decided that the cream cheese frosting on a carrot cake could be adapted for use on a carrot muffin. The results are delicious. The topping is applied before the muffins are baked. I used 4-inch tart shells for these (with muffin liners). Clean tuna cans will work as well.


These totally rock. I don't know what I like better about these muffins: their taste, their crumb or their hue or their healthy appeal. An incredible piece of baking art. They're filled with a mix of healthy grains, vitamin A packed carrots and some other treats. They're satisfying and noble. Feel free to use a healthy oil (whatever you deem healthy) or coconut oil.

A trendy, zesty cheese scone that uses both Wisconsin Asiago and sharp cheddar, as we; as a shower of crisp bacon for a smokey, extravagant scone that is a just about a meal; that's how satisfying it is - a true gourmet bistro scone. 

Savoury muffins hit the spot with me, especially when I want a small indulgence, with the goodness of dairy protein in cheddar and the perk of garden fresh scallions. This is a perfect rustic fall muffin that works as a breakfast take-along or a mid-morning snack.

These are hunky, golden scones that are flakey with pastry-goodness in which sautéed scallions and leeks lurking in every crevice along with and a few chunks of cheddar. Served with soup, this is a meal-type of scone or tuck a slice of omelette into one to make a breakfast sandwich that can’t be matched.

These are deep chocolate pastry/cake/muffins – made with leftover challah, brioche, white bread or even croissants. They puff up into mounds of chocolate and are lunch-bag perfect or coffee time friendly. They are luxurious made large, or decadent little treats, if you make miniatures. They also freeze well. If I had more time, I would invent a brownie streusel topping. Ah well, next time….

Hints of orange, perks of chocolate chips, and the heady nutrition of zucchini all in one neat packet: the muffin. Great as is or with the optional dipping glaze. One of my prize winning recipes when I was an 'underground' baker.

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