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Pizza - Sauces

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Garlic and fresh herbs makes for a heady aroma here. Homemade and easy garlic bechamel is the crowning touch. Over 3500 downloads on this recipe means....Over 2 Million Served? Or is that McDonald's line? Use Pizza Blanca Sauce as your bechamel recipe and any one of our pizza doughs or the Pizza on the Grill Dough Recipe in our Complete Recipe Archives.

These are fun food but great snacking fare - and beats pizza pockets hands down. You can use beefy hotdogs or even semi-cooked Italian sausages. The dough is yeasted but not too puffy or chewy, making a great hot, fresh bread wrap.
There's a few secret ingredients but don't worry - they're all in your pantry.

Tender, chewy, dare we say "commercial tasting". Well, it is homemade but features that chewy, puffy, slightly crisp texture that the chain restaurant does. The trick is using two leaveners (yeast AND baking powder) plus some added spices to the dough. This pleases kids and adults and hey -isn't it always fun making something at home, you usually have out? The last trick is using panko - Japanese bread crumbs to line the pizza pan. These provide that crisp crust Pizza Hut deep dish pizza seems to have (or else they are using seasoned bread crumbs or semolina but the panko was best). Panka is available in Asian/Japanese food stores. Use the same dough to make Pizza Hut style bread sticks. We also offer three methods to make this: bread machine, mixer and dough hook or by hand. This recipe makes one generous batch and also features the how to make and bake the pizza

A supple pizza dough that bakes up crisp but chewy –not dry, not heavy or bready – perfectly balanced pizza dough. Garnish it as you like and check on the Pizza on the Grill Techniques. This pizza was tested on the Primo Grill, available at It is the perfect size for monster (or smaller) pizzas and the dome cover ensures a bistro quality finish to your savory pie. They also sell a super cast iron pizza stone. You can make this dough thick or thin - it suits either approach.


Pizza dough, mashed potatoes, onions, garlic and colorful bright slices of garden tomatoes This is a wonderful hospitality pizza, perfect for summertime entertaining or winter holidays. This is great hot, cold, room temperature and I prefer it in small bites. You can also omit the potato component and shred up some raclette or camembert to top it with before it is completed baked. Pissaladiere is French pizza – where pizza really came from.

Italian sausage, pepperoni, provolone, mozzarella, marinara, spices and diced peppers all rolled up in a chewy/thin/crisp pizza dough. Bravo! Slice it hot or serve it at room temperature with a huge green salad - This is perfect picnic fare too.

Ever see those "non-pizzeria" big, rectangular pizzas at your local Italian bakery or supermarket? The crust is breadier than most pizzas and the toppings are very simple - crushed plum tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil. No cheese. No pepperoni. Embellish as you wish, of course.

This dough makes great breadsticks too. Use your bread machine on Dough cycle for an easy, sensational pizza. This rises slowly and is ready when you are. A few hours earlier or later and either way, you will still get great pizza. More rise results in a thinner, crisper pizza; less rise is chewier, breadier, still rustic, amazing pizza. The starter can be new as 2 hours (called a sponge) or a mature starter you have on hand and have recently warmed up and fed. This makes one of the best crust pizzas ever - with a crust/dough that tastes as good as whatever you put on top of it. It is also great for focaccio. It all starts with Molini Pizzuti 00 Flour - a flour totally dedicated to great pizza or use ubleached all purpose.

Bechamel, Parmesan, Gruyere and Black Forest Ham or Turkey, all stacked high between tender crepes. Bake it in the oven, cut in wedges to serve. A signature brunch dish. There are many renditions of this dish but this is an amalgamation of the one I had growing up at a ski restaurant in the Quebec Laurentiens. The restaurant is long gone but the taste of this dish lingers on - It's a great hospitality casserole, especially during the fall/winter holidays.

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