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Breakfast - Brunch

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A nice twist on breakfast fruit

My grandmother-in-law, Esther Carpman was a sprightly, ash-blond, kitchen dynamo who was famous for her hearty potato "kugelins", served with old-fashioned sweet and sour cabbage borscht, as well as these gems of a sweet roll. Yeasty sweet bun dough was stuffed with cherry filling and then folded into odd shapes.  When I started dating my husband, I only heard about these legendary bun because were always devoured within ten minutes and always gone before I ever saw them! One day, I lucked out and snagged a still-warm bun; in a flash I finally understood the ardent following these buns induced. I got luckier: one day I discovered the recipe tucked in my mother-in-law's files and with a little adapting here and there, I had Bubbie Esther’s cherry buns perfected. A version of it appeared in a feature I wrote for Bon Appetit on quick yeasted breads and the recipe is also of course, in my cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking.  Bubbie Esther used sweet cherries and often, cherry pie filling if she was pressed for time but I am partial to make my own filling with jarred Hungarian sour cherries. Both approaches work well, as does blueberry or apple filling. As a friend of mine said, "these are pure memory food".

In Quebec, we have some of the finest buckwheat flour in the world. But buckwheat is easy to find almost anywhere and makes for the most flavorful and nutritious pancakes around. Batter up! If you have any malt powder on hand, add 1-2 teaspoon for another level in taste.

Mouth-watering, buttery and tender, this is just a lovely morsel called crumb cake. It reminds you of New England inn's or your first coffee cake that made you so proud. Good then, it's still good now - a perfect recipe for new and veteran bakers. You can also rev it up with part whole-wheat flour and Greek yogurt (to replace the buttermilk). Everything in this recipe depends on using the best quality cinnamon so make an effort to procure the best!

These are just the thing for breakfast, brunch or to tuck under a hot batch of Southern fried chicken. Brown sugar, maple, toasted pecans and a bit of buttermilk make these waffles a symphony of flavour. Top them with fried chicken and warm maple syrup for a ‘diner’s and drive-in’ feast.

Over 2200 downloads! My, these are popular scones and why not? They're so big ‘n hefty, crusty with tender cake-like interiors. An oversized ice-cream scoop is all you need to plunk these down on a baking sheet. Then see them rise better than your expectations. You can also sub the strawberries for currants if you are in a dried fruit sort of mood and want a totally different scone experience.

Warm butterscotch sauce annoints brioche (ok, challah, white bread or old croissants will do) bread-pudding. You have sweet and buttery along with bits of bright red, tartness – no wonder they call it Thanksgiving. This dessert is something to be grateful for. Warm, it’s bistro-dessert decadence. Cold, in squares? It’s indescribably addictive. I suppose you could add butterscotch chips to this or pecans but I like it as it is: pure and sweet.


These are restaurant (think IHOP) style pancakes. They are tender but hearty and probably the best pancakes you will ever make. I am already working on a multi-grain version but these are the weekend makers. Using malt powder is another trick in this recipe and the source for malt powder online, is included. This recipe is outstanding on its own but using part cake or pastry flour with all-purpose flour makes it over the top.

I heard about a bakery that somehow combined cake mix and a yeast dough to make great cinnamon buns and was intrigued to try my own version. Wow! This recipe makes a light, almost feathery cinnamon bun. Chill overnight and bake off first thing in the morning for fresh buns by the time The Sunday New York Times arrives.

These totally rock. I don't know what I like better about these muffins: their taste, their crumb or their hue or their healthy appeal. An incredible piece of baking art. They're filled with a mix of healthy grains, vitamin A packed carrots and some other treats. They're satisfying and noble. Feel free to use a healthy oil (whatever you deem healthy) or coconut oil.

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