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A commercial corned brisket makes this recipe a snap.
These are fun food but great snacking fare - and beats pizza pockets hands down. You can use beefy hotdogs or even semi-cooked Italian sausages. The dough is yeasted but not too puffy or chewy, making a great hot, fresh bread wrap.

Burgers gone pub style for the addition of a classic beer-bitten English 'Rarebit' sauce which is essentially a sharp, cheddar sauce that douces grilled burgers on toasted hamburger buns (preferably homemade and if not, get something wonderful at a great bakery). This is staying, hearty fare and makes an occasion of one pound of minced hamburger. 

Allot of fuss goes into hamburgers but I tend to think, simpler is better. Go easy on the spices and add-ins , i.e. I am not a big fan of eggs, bread crumbs, soda crackers mashed up and more in my burgers – just make sure you get great, fresh, lean ground beef and have either a hot BBQ grill, non-stick pan or preferably, a nicely aged and seasoned cast iron pan to sear them.

This works with most lean rolled roasts. Delicious cold.

Garlic always makes the meatloaf in this case - and this is a double garlic approach.

This brisket is great hot, but it really shines when served cold, sliced thinly - deli style - for sandwiches.

This recipe is outstanding with either long, beef ribs or baby back ribs. You can oven roast these (using the liquid smoke in the ‘mop/glaze' or omit it, if you are grill finishing the ribs). Slow cooking makes these tender. After testing many approaches to perfect ribs (marinating, boiling, microwaving, brining, dry rub, broiling, baking - you name it!), I found the best approach and easiest preparation. It is results in better-than-a-restaurant ribs and a fraction of the cost. The dry rub is key (it tenderizes the ribs), the slow roasting, and final mop or glazing is what makes these special. Serve them double-fried fries, or Rancher Potatoes, corn on the cob, seasoned rice pilaf, coleslaw and baked beans. (Did I mention ice-cold homemade lemonade with Pelligrino). If you are tired of tough ribs, complicated ribs, too-long, too many steps ribs – this is the recipe for you. It makes extra dry rub which keeps well, for another few bbq's. 

Few things satisfy like this meat and potatoes classic.
Inexpensive blade roast does the trick here. Make sure you choose a thick cut. Your long-abandoned crockpot could be pressed into service, but your oven will do fine.
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