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This is brisket with attitude. It's mouth-wateringly tender and suffused with the tangy appeal of barbecue mop, honey and a host of other flavorful ingredients and spices. It's wonderful hot with latkes at Hanukkah (or anytime) and cold, it's perfect on challah rolls or pumpernickle and Dijon mustard and a cloud of saurkraut on top, i.e. Ruben style.

Steak spice is the key here.

This is a triumph not only because it revamps an old favorite but makes it elegant and different – perfect for the holidays but especially so for Passover. If you like the idea but prefer your own seasonings, use the stuffing recipe and the technique but feel free to recreate this in your favorite family recipe. That way you will have your tradition and a new one combined. Either way, expect a succulent, mouth-watering brisket that slices like a dream and serves like a Cordon Bleu meal.

Traditionally, a brisket is slow roasted and chilled overnight.

Fried hotdogs? So good you’ll not want to share the technique. Score one of those super-sized kosher dogs. Deep fry (if you are baking French Fries – pop a couple of these in the oil). The dogs flare up and bulk in size – offering a crisp exterior and hot, juicy interior. Ballpark mustard, a fresh poppy seed roll and you’ve got game. A super 4th of July snack.

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