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Dips - Dressings

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This is an emerald green wonder – gorgeous, fresh and nutritious, the perfect pasta toss.

Nippy, sweet, hot, tart ….this is oh-so-wicked good.
Serve with biscuits, chicken dishes, and naan and tandoori and curry specialties or spread on croissants. You can use semi-drained canned mango.

Here in Montreal, Aux Vivres is a beloved vegetarian restaurant. They’re famous for their Dragon Bowl, which is bowl food at its best. I created my own special bowl food meal with my Mecca Bowl. It’s for vegetarians or anyone with good taste (you can and add either grilled chicken or grilled tofu as the protein component). The colourful arrange of healthy grains, stunning beets, carrots, atop baby greens and anointed with uniquely delectable ginger-garlic vinaigrette I invented makes this a riveting lunch classic in the restaurant chez food (i.e. your kitchen). The trick is to have things ready-to-go and then the assembly is 1,2,3 quick!

This is the definitive Caesar salad: creamy, easy, packed with garlic and fresh lemon, imported Parmesan cheese and some hot sauce for extra zest. This is a repertoire recipe of mine and I first made it for a restaurant I worked in. The regular chef stomped out in a pique one day, just before the lunch trade started to arrive. Panic! They called on the pastry chef (me) to create a quick Caesar dressing to soothe the lunch time crowd. I decided to make something flavorful but also a dressing that while not greasy, stayed together and coated the greens and topped it with sourdough croutons. A legend was born.

You dump and layer ingredients. You scoop 'em. You eat 'em. What could be simpler or more manly? To make this girl food, or new age man food, opt for low-fat sour cream. This is a great appetizer or Saturday night video fare. One dip and you get a cornucopia of Tex Mex flavors.

You can use any oatmeal recipe you like or mine Old Fashioned Irish Oatmeal to match up with this easy, oven-method of slow-roasting cranberries. A touch of coconut oil and maple syrup and the oven heat, and they turn out densely flavorful, deeply scarlet and are simply amazing, as a compote or unique topping on oatmeal (ice-cream or cakes).

I am almost a good preserver/jammer as I am a baker. Ok – I am outstanding. Most people who preserve get good at it – it comes with the territory as does creating your own special fruit combinations. I love plum jam but like a bit of oomph as provided by a handful of raspberries thrown in. This jam is ambrosial, deep crimson and sublime on toasted bagels or English muffins.

A nice cracker spread or vegetable dip.
(Part of a series on "commercial foods")The original is terrific, but in a pinch, this will work well.
This vinaigrette is similar to the one used in Japanese steak restaurants.
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