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I have a few tricks to make my turkey gravy. This is ambrosial slathered over biscuits, turkey or mashed potatoes. It is one of those blue ribbon recipes that a pro will appreciate and a Thanksgiving newbie will win kudos for. Grandma approved…almost.


Sticky chicky or chicken or whatever you want to call it, this luscious chicken recipe has as many variations as there are chickens. Given my druthers, I would make this with bone-out but skin-on, chicken breasts. It is as good with chicken parts (drumsticks lovers take heart) and that is how we tested our quintessential ‘sticky chicky’ in the BB Test Kitchen. If you can, marinate this overnight. But if not – it is still stupendous: sticky, sweet, garlicky, tangy……great. Serve with a green salad a fluffy, coriander and cilantro infused basmati rice.

This savory stuffing is too good to save for Passover which is when I usually serve it!  It is also perfect for the kosher table at Thansgiving. Use it in chicken or turkey or pat it in a casserole as a side dish. It freezes well baked or unbaked and is good enough to serve all year. As with my special Passover Potato Kugel, this can also be made as a kugel in a very well-greased Bundt pan or fluted baking dish for a prettier presentation, allowing you to cut it by the slice. 

Hummus is what you’re used to but this North African spin on the chick pea, Middle Eastern approach to a bean spread, is dynamite. It uses fava beans (canned are fine). Touches of dried chili pepper, cumin, plenty of paprika an a touch of lemon makes this a deep brownish-red, spicier hummus. It’s a nice change from the tahini (sesame seed paste) laden ones. Use this on crackers, flatbreads, or alongside grilled chicken or fish. Or eat it plain, by the spoonful – it is smooth as silk, spicy, a little hot and just outstanding.  

April in Paris quiche is more like itYounger than springtime is this quiche, with its herbs and cheese mix. Perfect with lamb’s lettuce salad. You could substitute tender, sauteed leeks for the asparagus on another day.

A great all in one brunch dish that is a nice addition to a brunch or a luncheon. Bechamel, Parmesan, and Gruyere cheeses all stacked high between tender blinzes. Bake it in the oven, cut in wedges to serve.

These are terrific and authentic. No salt pork is needed.

Old-fashioned, thin crepes you get in French restaurants and bistros. Fill these with berries, a dab of butter, or simply top with syrup. Make this big or small but make 'em thin. A non-stick pan, crepe or cast iron pan is perfect.

No vinegar! That's the key to real, deli style, kosher dills. Use fresh, crisp pickles for best results. Water, coarse kosher salt or pickling salt, garlic, pickling spices and dill combine with cucumbers to produce a brine. The brine is formed when the salt draws acid from the pickles and combines with the other ingredients. 3-5 days gives you half sours, 12-20 days gives full sours. Refrigeration stops the fermentation process. You can taste them while they are fermenting and adjust spices. There is really no way to hurry them up. Double recipes as required. Just fill each jar you have until you run out of ingredients.
And leave the vinegar in the pantry...

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