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Some newspaper featured this in their food section sometime ago but I never could find the recipe again. I created it from memory and what I would want it to taste like and it turned out incredible. I served it at Rosh Hashanah and it was devoured in a way I've never seen (seriously - it's a casserole - but it was mobbed like it was the last edible on earth). It’s so good, people will forget whatever the main dish you’re serving. I serve this for Passover, or Rosh Hashanah, or Thanksgiving and it would be wonderful at Christmas or Easter too. Or daily. It has a secret ingredient that you might protest at but it is kosher and the transformational element in this memorable side dish. Oh, why Madras? It's the brand of curry powder I use. The shredded apples (btw) tend to 'melt' or cook into the hot potatoes as you are mashing it all up.


This doesn’t have an exciting name but it is the fastest, easiest way to flavor and nutrition I know off. It is essentially chop, dump and sauté and serve but it smells as exotic as if you’d been cooking over the proverbial hot stove for hours. You can add tofu if you like but if you serve it alongside a protein of some sort, that’s not necessary.

Use this on pita bread sandwiches, salads, on top of cream cheese and toasted bagels, almost anything. You may find this mixture in a Middle Eastern market but it won't compare to homemade.
It's just toasted spices (use a cast iron skillet) and then a coffee mill or blender as your spice grinder.

Why not white cheddar? It’s soothing and colourant-free and when made with a few other choice ingredients. It also features some chef’s tricks that keep this dish creamy and smooth for a meal-worthy casserole. A great Thanksgiving side or post-holiday main – comfort food at its best.

This features sumptuous, silky smooth homemade vanilla ice-cream with vanilla bean bits throughout and a swirl of homemade dulce de leche, miniature marshmallows and toasted pecans. Ok - you can just make the ice cream or stop at ice-cream with dulce. It's over the top luscious to begin with. I sometimes cheat with this recipe, purchasing ice-cream base (at local food service supply stores), and just dump in the vanilla ice-cream base into my Cuisinart ice-cream maker. You then drop dollops of  dulce de leche just as the ice-cream begins to set up. Freeze, and serve once the ice-cream is fully hardened. This is gorgeous, easy, and better than anything you can purchase. Save some extra dulce de leche, warmed up, to drizzle with toasted buttered pecans over the final offering. (Make the dulce a day ahead – it is just easier to have it ready). This is Haagen Daz/Ben and Jerry rich, ice-cream.

So commercial. So good. So Thanksgiving.


Store bought mini round breads, scooped out, make great serving bowls. Scoop 'em out, bake to crisp them up, and fill.

This recipe is a rainbow of tastes and hues that makes summer last a little longer or brightens up a winter palate. Serve it as a side or in a bowl, topped with some protein of your choice, (chunks of rotisserie chicken or grilled tofu) for a quick and trendy all-in-one meal. Bulgur is easily ‘cooked’; prepare it by steaming it (cover an inch of two with boiling water and let it sit an hour. Fluff it with a fork; it’s ready to go).

Fresh English muffins that you baked, and a tangy Hollandaise Sauce along with trending mashed avocado makes this classic an inspiration. You can omit the avocado of course or add (let's gild the lily) sauteed spinach (vitamins AND gourmet taste). This is the dish guaranteed to turn your home into a B&B. Buy specialty English Muffins or make your own with this fabulous Recipe Old Fashioned English Muffins

You can make these, which are shaped like calzone, with pie dough or pizza dough, and either bake or fry them. Filling vary from sweet to savory and depending what part of Latin America you are from, your notion of a quintessential empanada will differ from anyone else’s! I made these for tango class, which was filled with dancers from Chili, Peru, Brazil, Equator, and Argentina. No one agreed on the perfect empanadas; they only agreed the batch I made was perfection. Adobo seasoning is available in Latin food stores, or Penzey’s. You can also use a bit of onion powder, chili powder, and salt and pepper.

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