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Use flat egg noodles for this kugel. This is the serve-with-brisket or sweet and sour meatballs sort of kugel. It is never refused! In Yiddish, lukshin means, noodles or pasta. This is gently kissed with onion powder. Yes, I know - nothing beats real onions but I find this lighter onion approach ensures kids devour this dish. You can vary it by adding sauted mushrooms and onions for a more adult approach.

Nothing out of a box can touch this.I like the combination of Havarti and orange cheddar for this or use Monterey Jack and cheddar. A toasty, buttery crumb topping makes this cafeteria style classic. This reheats like a charm, freezes well but is sublime, fresh and bubbling from the oven with a green salad and grilled hot spiced sausages and Dijon mustard. Did I tell you it even helps you build strong bones? If you are out of breadcrumbs, use soda cracker crumbs.

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