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Poultry - Fish

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A convenient, less messy way to make fried chicken - especially if you're preparing large batches.

This is a great way to fix a deeply-flavoured chicken simply because you want a great chicken dish or as a road-test recipe if you intend to make a whole turkey this way and prefer to try this method and recipe out on the smaller bird first. It needs an overnight fridge sojourn (does anyone know what the word sojourn means anymore?) but no further TLC is required. If you want to, you could substitute 2 cups apple cider for the apple juice. Many recipes use exclusively apple cider but the cost of that route might make many a cook pause, especially as this is really best as a quick, zesty, weeknight chicken dish you can afford to repeat - because just one taste will assure you will!

Coq au Vin but in an apple rendition and for autumn, somehow this is more seasonally correct anyhow. Just follow the recipe, use a mix of soft and tart apples or whatever is ‘in’ at the market. No cider? use a mild beer. Is this a good recipe? Over 2500 people have browsed and cooked this prize winner. It is awesome - ask Marla at the gym who made it three times in one week! Add some wild rice and quinoa and pan-roasted Brussel sprouts for a feast.

Shuffling in from Buffalo....These fried wings apparently originated in the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York in the mid 60s. Since then, the recipe has spread and Buffalo has had a "Chicken Wing Day" since 1977. There are many hot sauces out there - the one we prefer is Red Devil by Trappeys but for real Buffalo Wings, nothing beats Frank's Red Hot (I like that too actually and buy it in bulk at a restaurant supply place where they sell big glass gallons of the stuff)

A chicken roasted atop a beer can. Sounds a little strange, but it makes for a tasty bird. Here is a great version (tested to perfection) of this classic. This recipe is a bit zingier and more flavorful. Ah, Beer Can, aka Beer Butt Chicken, is almost an urban food legend but you know what? It works. Two main ingredients (beer and chicken) make it pure guy fare. It has been especially touted by barbecue cookbook author Steven Raichlen. The beer tenderizes the chicken and doubles as a vertical spit. The result is a charred but tender, out-of-this-world, effortless grilled bird. Any beer works in this recipe and a side of steak fries and a Caesar salad is all you need. If it is a rainy Mother or Father's Day, this works just as well in your oven. If you can find a 'tall boy' can of beer, all the better.

This is really great fried - tender, crisp and oh-so-Southern. The buttermilk soaking is imperative and the heavy load of spices is the other secret to this great classic. Serve with Ancho Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Buttermilk Pecan Waffles or gravy and all the fixin's such as cornbread, fresh cob corn, and spiced apple slices.

I have a few tricks to make my turkey gravy. This is ambrosial slathered over biscuits, turkey or mashed potatoes. It is one of those blue ribbon recipes that a pro will appreciate and a Thanksgiving newbie will win kudos for. Grandma approved…almost.


Sticky chicky or chicken or whatever you want to call it, this luscious chicken recipe has as many variations as there are chickens. Given my druthers, I would make this with bone-out but skin-on, chicken breasts. It is as good with chicken parts (drumsticks lovers take heart) and that is how we tested our quintessential ‘sticky chicky’ in the BB Test Kitchen. If you can, marinate this overnight. But if not – it is still stupendous: sticky, sweet, garlicky, tangy……great. Serve with a green salad a fluffy, coriander and cilantro infused basmati rice.

Is there a better dish in the world? Well, maybe chicken and biscuits or Chicken Kiev or Buffalo Girl Chicken or Coq au Vin. Granted there are many amazing chicken dishes but this one is beyond sumptuous. Like Pasta Puttenesca, there are a few ways to make this famed Indian chicken dish. It differs depending on the chef and restaurant and certainly at home, it is another dish altogether. I have created my version as flavorful as possible with some shortcuts. Serve it with homemade (or make a pit stop at the local Indian restaurant) nan, and a huge crock of freshly made basmati rice.  This dish starts with tandoori chicken, best marinated a day ahead, grilled and then tossed into the famed Butter Chicken Sauce. But if you are in a hurry (or simply impatient) you can do this in one day. Just do a quick marinade, grill or bake the chicken in the oven and add into the Butter Chicken Sauce and simmer until you are ready to serve it.

Fast food crispness and juiciness but with wholesome, homemade ingredients and a better frying oil. Tender, boneless chicken that is seasoned in the southern tradition.Leftovers can be sliced, piled on top of a baguette with some mayo and Dijon mustard.
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