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Poultry - Fish

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What could be more springy than a leek and chicken braised casserole? This is fresh and light but replete. Serve with some wild rice and a Bibb lettuce salad and finish it off with Roasted Rhubarb and Blood Orange compote for a quintessential spring repast. You can also add mushrooms to this if you like them.

Everything in one casserole

A gourmet, quick fix of chicken filets, encased in a unique Caesar salad coating mix, hot ‘oven-fried’ (14 minutes!) to perfection. These are crisp outside, extra tender and moist inside and packed with garlicy Caesar flavor. Serve with the salad by the same name and rice Pilaf for a super quick entrée. Leftovers make great Caesar Salad Chicken sandwiches - tuck them into a pita, a wrap or panini. This is outstanding bistro fare!

Chicken Caesar salad, done right, makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, it is often served with cold, flavourless, strips of chicken breast, gloppy insipid dressing, and rumour of garlic.  But just follow this recipe and pay attention to detail in this combination and you will have a stellar salad that hits all the right notes. Fresh Parmesan is a must always! This is restaurant food, done right, at the home bistro.

A chicken, some vinaigrette, a Ziplock® bag. There's a joke in there somewhere...

Hungarian comfort food

A little chicken, a little garlic, a little muscle...using weights to compress marinating foods is not new but it makes for incredible roast chicken.


Chicago, Chicago …you make great chicken dishes. This one is easy and also legend. Like the Chicago Cubs 2016!

Seize the day, seize a chicken and make this tonight. Breathe easy, there's no garlic to peel. Great comfort food.

Does anything this simple, taste so good and always impress so much? I don’t think so. This is the go-to dish any night of the week. Red or white wine is fine –just have a nice heavy casserole to serve it in. I like this with Potatoes Rustica. This gorgeous French blue Dutch oven is a 6 quart treasure from or go vintage and opt for a jaunty orange Le Creuset Dutch oven.

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