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Poultry - Fish

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A little goes a long way (prepared up to 3 days before. Serve with Dijon Mustard Sauce or Chili Horseradish Sauce, tons of lemons, dills and parsley. This is the quintessential spring offering - a light and flavorful salmon. Always successful, never fails to inspire. I serve this with lamb's lettuce salad and wild rice. Or devilled eggs, hard French rolls, and potato salad. Or....see? Anything goes. (and you don't even need a poacher). For a smaller yield, make a smaller fish and halve the other ingredients.

Get out the Old Bay seasoning
It's not the leftovers that are tiring, it's just the way we serve them. Here is something for an impromptu lunch or quick supper.

This is a lusty world-beat chicken that is punchy with great taste  - you will love the intense flavor of cumin, lime and orange juice, and cilantro, grilled or oven roasted to perfection. It is perfect for waking up a tired palate and a once weekly repertoire chicken dish. Add saffron rice, black bean salsa and a salad and you have it made in the shade.

Tastes a little like paella
Grill or oven broil - delicious
Better make extra...

Seems silly to have a recipe for Tuna Salad but a well-made tuna salad is the stuff diner legends are made of. I made this in huge batches when I worked in a health food cafe in the start of my culinary career. Both light and white tuna, herbs and crunchy celery make this tasty. Great for brown-bagging or snacking any time. Serve this with chips, or home fries, dill pickles and a side Caesar salad. One of my secrets is Old Bay seasoning (distributed by McCormick) but if you don't have it - use a touch of celery seed powder instead. To make this a bit more protein packed, you can also add 4-6 hard-boiled egg whites, finely chopped.

Yes, tuna casserole can be "deluxe"...
The tangy smack of Dijon mustard
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