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Poultry - Fish

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Comfort food at its best. Satisfying, moist and mouthwatering. Don't be discouraged by the number of ingredients.

Get a cast iron skillet out! These soda-cracker crunchy chicken tenders are kid approved and adults get addicted. Soda crackers are the pre-cursor to Hard tack Biscuits. Waste not, want not – ground up old crackers make for golden, crunchy-crisp chicken strips. In the test kitchen, these are drizzled in hot sauce after frying or dipping sauces, honey, bbq dip, etc. are on hand

This is loosely adapted from the recent Bombay Café cookbook by Neela Paniz. I add yogurt. This is a classic. Fresh spices make the difference.
The slow braise swells the chicken for absolute tenderness.
A pre-stuffed turkey is fine for this recipe, as is a prepared turkey roast. Whipped sweet potatoes, corn, and biscuits make for an easy turkey dinner.

Flavor over heat in this case... A tip of the hat to Trappey's Red Devil Hot Sauce here because to me, it is the perfect Buffalo Wing hot sauce. Make these in the oven or on the grill. Your favorite hot sauce can be substituted, but you will have to season to taste. Trappey's Red Devil offers a lot of flavor without too much heat (don't let the quantity frighten you).  Don't forget - all Buffalo Wings can be made in a very hot (400-425F) oven if you are not keen to fry the wings. If you do fry them, use a home electric fryer or a deep wok. For more information on our absolute favorite hot sauce visit:

After having baskets and baskets of these as a free appetizer in a local Tex-Mex restaurant, I had to create my own home version. They were (originally) served in a basket with garlic bread on the side.  I offer mine with ranch or steak potato fries, caesar salad and a Caesar Salad Bread (in A Passion for Baking, Oxmoor House 2007), and salsa and tortilla chips, of course.

A zingy coating and a finish of Hot and Sweet Drizzle over these oversized, fried incredibly crisp, crunchy chicken tenders make them outstanding. Fine flake sea or kosher salt is a key ingredient here. It is less salty than regular salt and a pure salt. If you cannot fine it, reduce salt 15-20 %. The best hot sauce for this recipe is Trappey's Red Devil Cayenne Sauce - it is salty, vinegary and just hot enough - it is a hot sauce even if you think you do not like hot sauce. Vist This is now a summer tradition at  -this recipe is the hit of Canada Day or July 4th or any calendar day after that. It is just stupendous. The soda crackers in the coating is another secret here but the oversized white chicken tenders cook up fast and not greasy - making these kid and adult popular. I like serving them in tissue paper lined baskets, one per diner with sides of steak fries and homestyle coleslaw.

No waterworks needed to douse the wonderful flavor of this moist, crisp, heavenly chicken. Serve as is, or with blue cheese dip or Mango Chutney, in our Recipe Archives.

A cheap but authentic wok is best for this – a carbon steel one which heats up quick and is hot enough to properly sear food well (non-stick is an easy clean but never gets hot enough and produces more steam or humidity to the mixture resulting in more saucy stir fries vs. quick cooked, fresh and flavorful. A cast iron pan is also fine. But start with what you have. If you have a round wok bottom and a flat (regular, electric stove top) make sure you get the metal ring the wok sits in. I use both fresh garlic and ginger, as well as the added boost of some jarred stuff, which is always on hand. Plates from Chinatown (the blue and white patterned ones) are especially pretty for this dish. Serve with jasmine tea and dessert could be store-bought fortune cookies, restaurant almond cookies, and/or mango sherbet with mandarin oranges on top. 

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