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Poultry - Fish

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Sole or another white fish works here

Commercial (frozen) pot pies are a crime. It's a cinch to make your own. This recipe uses chunks of cooked turkey or cooked, fresh chicken (I use all white meat for a deluxe pie and when chicken breasts are on sale). The flavor of this great family or company dish cannot be beat;  just the aroma brings people to the kitchen asking: is it ready yet? This uses a cheat of mushroom soup (cream of chicken is also fine) instead of classic bechamel but it's still a quantyum leap above freezer case pot pie. OR make the classic version (included in recipe below)

An easy dish with a dramatic and unique presentation that is wonderfully inviting. Browned chicken pieces line a casserole and then a special, savory popover batter is poured over. The batter puffs up and the result is golden hunks of chicken, nested in a crispy, tender golden popover crust. Serve the optional mushroom sauce on the side with a green salad. This recipe launched my food career when it won a main dish contest years ago, when I was but a teen. Although I became a pastry chef and baker (and not officially a cook or cuisiniere), I took that first (and only) blue ribbon as a sign of culinary calling. This recipe, regardless of the trends of the day, still makes anyone at my table spontaneously go 'wow'.

I suppose this really means whether grandma or a bubbie (another vintage grandma) made this chicken dish for your originally. There are whole chicken recipes and chicken ‘parts’ recipes – always good to have in your repertoire for those times you want a slow-cooking, saucy chicken that can be easily doubled and rewarms well. This is one of those particularly ‘haimish’ chicken recipes, that has grandma written all over it. It is easy, quick and staying and is comfort food at its best. It’s also great if you get chicken legs on sale or need more breasts or legs, depending on who’s coming for dinner. It uses some convenience products but that is also part of its 50’s vintage appeal. You can also prepare this the night before and refrigerate and pop it in the oven the next day.

Sunny, simple and flavorful – what else would you expect from a quick Greek fish recipe? Have your fish monger gut and trim the fish if you prefer filets over whole fish. This is perfect whether you choose bass, snapper, sole or even wild salmon.

Sole or halibut work well

Another perfect turkey! This one takes a short brining to tenderize it and then a slather of butter (or oil) and fresh herbs just under the skin makes this a turkey no holiday should be without. I developed this for a client, Huntsinger Farms, who supplies the nation with fine, organic turkeys for the holidays for generations.

Brining is the key.
A classic wing variety.

The Colonel would be proud…..and then perhaps….lawsuits?
Extra crispy chicken at home is possible especially if you have a deep fryer. Is this exactly KFC? It's pretty darned close. All it's missing is the red and white cardboard bucket and sides. Offer mashed potatoes, corn, coleslaw, biscuits and macaroni salad and you have a weekend supper that beats the band and winter doldrums. But this is best in a deep fryer. Deep fryers makes for incredibly crisp, crunchy, coated chicken that is perfectly browned – not burnt – due to the controlled heat. Do be careful with the lid and humidity. IF….you do not want to deep fry, use the alternate oven method (or use a Wok to deep fry)

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