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Snack Foods

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This savory stuffing is too good to save for Passover which is when I usually serve it!  It is also perfect for the kosher table at Thansgiving. Use it in chicken or turkey or pat it in a casserole as a side dish. It freezes well baked or unbaked and is good enough to serve all year. As with my special Passover Potato Kugel, this can also be made as a kugel in a very well-greased Bundt pan or fluted baking dish for a prettier presentation, allowing you to cut it by the slice. 

A classic treat - any time.Use a small to medium sized apple. I  use red food coloring and tart, hard MacIntosh apples. Green food coloring pairs up with Granny Smith apples for another spin on this Halloween favorite. Opt for  food coloring in paste form (most kitchen shops sell this) for a more vibrant color. Your friendly local florist should have just the right cello paper to wrap each apple individually - which is the final professional touch of these treats.  Make these classic (no flavor, just sugar coating) or flavor them with cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry or cherry, with extracts and/or oils from


Hummus is what you’re used to but this North African spin on the chick pea, Middle Eastern approach to a bean spread, is dynamite. It uses fava beans (canned are fine). Touches of dried chili pepper, cumin, plenty of paprika an a touch of lemon makes this a deep brownish-red, spicier hummus. It’s a nice change from the tahini (sesame seed paste) laden ones. Use this on crackers, flatbreads, or alongside grilled chicken or fish. Or eat it plain, by the spoonful – it is smooth as silk, spicy, a little hot and just outstanding.  

April in Paris quiche is more like itYounger than springtime is this quiche, with its herbs and cheese mix. Perfect with lamb’s lettuce salad. You could substitute tender, sauteed leeks for the asparagus on another day.

Deep blue violet chocolate cake offers another spin on ‘velvet’ cupcakes.
but these do have a deep chocolate flavor and moist crumb. White frosting or melted white chocolate glaze is a perfect contrast. The blue glaze atop these cupcakes is melted blue chocolate wafers (the kind that don’t taste like much but melt nicely)

Most recipes for nan (or naan) call for yogurt and milk, but this version is similar to one I have enjoyed in Indian restaurants. This recipe is adapted from the one provided to us by the famed Bombay Palace Restaurant of Montreal (and many points beyond). Rustic, chewy, addictive - this is perfect for a mountain of tandoori chicken or just about any main dish. Use a cast iron pan for stove baking, or bake on the grill (page 000 for tips).

These are restaurant (think IHOP) style pancakes. They are tender but hearty and probably the best pancakes you will ever make. I am already working on a multi-grain version but these are the weekend makers. Using malt powder is another trick in this recipe and the source for malt powder online, is included. This recipe is outstanding on its own but using part cake or pastry flour with all-purpose flour makes it over the top.

The most caramely, easy, decadent, crunchy, sweet munch ever - wonderful, old-fashioned homemade caramel popcorn. I use a unique electric popper for this such as the Toastess Cinema Corn Popper or the regular Toastess Air Popcorn maker (Amazon has it, Canadian Tire is the place for Canadians or check It's easy to find and well priced). What I like about either unit is that they actually pop fluffy popcorn quickly and with little or no fat. A rotating blade in the Toastess Cinema Corn Popper ensures corn heats evenly and pops perfectly. I tested several other units and out came unpopped kernels faster than I could clean them up.  Homemade caramel popcorn also makes a great gift. And for peanut allergy folks - there's nothing to worry about if you make your own batch (store-bought caramel popcorn often has peanut allergy warnings).

Olives at play

This is a great company dish for brunch. You can prepare it the night before and reheat. But either way, it is great big buttery slabs of fresh toast, stuffed to the gills with a cheesecake filling and covered in a mellow, apple topping. Outstanding.

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