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Snack Foods

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Say Bis. Say….bravissimo. They call it “OO” Flour, from Italy but it makes a ‘10’ of a pizza dough. This flour is available in gourmet stores online (or email us at BB) and makes the most supple, sumptuous, rustic, gourmet pizza dough ever. Crushed plum tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs, fresh mozzarella slices and you are smokin’. If you outta OO flour, make it with all-purpose (while you scout out a source of supply). More to come with “OO” Flour recipes as we get to know our friends at In the Test Kitchen, we never serve this on plates – the tables are covered with parchment paper, pizza cutting wheels, hot sauce and fresh herbs and cheese are laid out and it is each paesan for himself. Fresh yeast takes this up a notch - make that - four notches. Makes great pizza on the grill pizza dough, for tips see Pizza on the Grill Techniques and Tips

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