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Snack Foods

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This special recipe makes a unique, extra creamy cheesecake with a unique chewy, buttery-sweet graham crust. Then it all gets the cold shoulder in the freezer.  This totally awesome recipe is now in The New Best of, Marcy Goldman, 2009, Whitecap Books.

No two Chicagoans will agree what makes a great about deep-dish pizza, but these are the basics – three layers of dough, spicy sausage filling, topped with sauce and cheese. Great hot or cold. If you want to speed this up, omit the spinach (and/or if you aren't keen on spinach) and used doctored-up jarred marinara sauce. This is a very hunky pizza - making it perfect for the beach picnic (cold) or on the deck at night, or brown-bagging. It's BB's salute to the 2016 Chicago Cubs - World Series Winners!

A gourmet, quick fix of chicken filets, encased in a unique Caesar salad coating mix, hot ‘oven-fried’ (14 minutes!) to perfection. These are crisp outside, extra tender and moist inside and packed with garlicy Caesar flavor. Serve with the salad by the same name and rice Pilaf for a super quick entrée. Leftovers make great Caesar Salad Chicken sandwiches - tuck them into a pita, a wrap or panini. This is outstanding bistro fare!

  Simple can be good. Instant dessert or lunch box treats for gourmet This are de ultra quick, chocolate cookies for brown baggers. Remember to use the best chocolate you can find such as Scharffen Berger or Callebaut.

You cannot believe how good a strong black tea is when coupled with chocolate notes and a sweep of orange! This is dessert in a cup. An extravagant, outrageously, decadent cuppa tea. You could vary this by using white chocolate instead of the milk chocolate. This is a great tea to bring in a cannister or pretty cello bag and a colored tie as a gift or for serving to guests with spice cake, butter cookies, or a delicate pastry.

These taste like a fresh, golden quiche in a moist and tender (moist and flaky both) muffin package (and shape). These are huge  - like mall muffins and they are packed with good things in a delightful,  savory package. If you want to up their health quota, substitute 2 egg whites for one of the eggs, use white whole wheat flour, and low-fat cheese and throw in ¼ cup flax seeds, ground up. Use both sharp and medium cheddars, or you can use up whatever leftover cheese hunks you have languishing in your fridge.  If you want these more moist, reduce the flour a tad. If you are up for a big, bold, lunch-in-a-muffin, just make ‘em as is.

A nice French tang in a classic vinaigrette. I crush the garlic with a mortar and pestle and use the mortar (bowl) as the vinaigrette bowl. Another neat way to make quick and fresh vinaigrette is to shake it all in a small Mason jar. What's leftover, refrigerate for more salad days ahead. Use this to marinate lamb chops but it's main purpose is to toss with green salads of any description.

These cornsticks are best-eaten-when hot and dripping with melted butter. You can also make these as small muffins or in a cast iron skillet from The Lodge, who makes the nifty cast iron cornstick pans. Did you know that anything made in cast iron dramatically increases your iron intake?

Make 'em at home

Take a cornbread base, add El Paso style taco filling, top with Monterey Jack and serve with a side of salsa, avocado slices, and sour cream and diced chilies. Whoa Nellie. This is best served in small hunks of chili and cornbread base - on a gorgeous Santa Fe style ceramic plate or Fiesta ware, alongside a mixed green salad and ice-cold iced tea and lime wedges.

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