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Well, it is or was, on the rainy, cold day when I first created this soup. I first experienced it, actually, as a fresh hot vegetable soup in one of those Asian/everything prepared-food delis that features everything from a salad bar to cold beer. In New York, there are tons of such places. In Montreal, where I live, there is It is on Sherbrooke Street in Westmount. I had no time but to stop and buy a cup of this soup and was hooked. So the next time I had it - I had replicated it myself. It takes fresh ingredients plus a package of this, a can of that but mostly fresh vegetables. This really is simply one of the best (and fastest ) vegetable soups you will ever have. You can vary the add-ins (pasta or sausage hunks, etc.) but it is something you will make at least once a month. Or your family will just insist. 

I learned recently that my grandmother Goldman was famous for her tomato soup. I have taken liberties with this recipe in order to produce a soup that is spicy and hearty. I'm hooked.

There are countless versions of this wonderful soup. Good job it is so simple. This is totally amazing soup; one spoonful transports you to Anywhere, South of the Border.

Nothing beats this fresh from the field corn soup with hints of curry, smoke, and herbs.

A hearty soup that is full-bodied and yet vegetarian. This soup takes well to different seasonings but it shines with a smoky accent, cilantro and cumin. Serve with hard rolls or some Cuban sandwiches if you are lucky enough to find a Cuban loaf or bake your own Cuban Bread. This is a hallmark, repertoire soup. The smokey flavor comes from all natural, Wright's Liquid Smoke, which means you do not have to shop for a ham hock and the soup is less in fat too.

One of the great soups from my cookbook, When Bakers Cook. Lakeside walks on a winter’s day generally result in an appetite for soup. Such was the case when I happened on a nook of a bakery in a small village near my home that served a wonderful daily soup of lentils and vegetables, alongside huge sandwiches, maple glazed biscuits (another recipe to replicate soon), huge cookies and lofty scones. Here's that soup as best I can recreate it. Serve this soup as is or in individual bowls, each topped with garlic bread rounds, and a pile of asiago cheese shavings. Pop it under a broiler for a few minutes to make the cheese bubble and sizzle.


Panchetta upgrades this to soup Paradise. Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode that extolled the virtues of great soup? This is one such. Some restaurants can render this classic bland and unexciting. This home version is outstanding and fortifying. Pair it up with Pesto Bread or Italian Bread.
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