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Over 3570 downloads. This is one of the easiet and fastest ways to make yourself a legend. Rolled wedges of BB trademark pizza dough and a couple of savory ingredients are the foundation of these cheesy, golden "croissants" that taste even better than they look!  Let them rise for a bit (for a chewier snack) or not (for a crispier croissant). Make them up, freeze, and warm up as needed. These are pizza pockets at the next level: the quality and great tastes of homemade snack food. Use BetterBaking.Com Classic Pizza Dough as the foundation dough.

Gar, is this good! Nippy cheddar, a packet of dry cheddar powder from a pantry box of Mac ‘N Cheese, beer, Dijon and a shot of Tabasco make these the perfect foil to holiday cocktails, ale, or simply Perrier and cranberry juice. If you slice thin shavings of the log and bake it the second time to crisp – the shavings do nicely as crostini (instead of dry toasts). I used a sharp Canadian cheddar or a great American cheddar (Cabot is a great choice) for these gift-able, savoury biscotti. As for the beer, any great Canadian beer will do but Labatt's is a classic.

A light, sweet and buttery, easy yeast pastry dough that looks European gorgeous and isn't detained by a trans Atlantic flight stall. All you add is a touch of sugar, a smidge of butter, top with diced apricots and wow! This looks and and tastes like it was flown in from Europe. Sophisticated but it;s also as easy as brownies.

These are extraordinary waffles (now inducted in my new cookbook, When Bakers Cook, 2013) Make the batter an hour ahead or preferably overnight to have waffles the next morning. These bake up deep golden, buttery and with crisp exteriors featuring a  soft, almost pudding-like interior. Great with maple syrup or topped with whipped cream, or ice-cream and fresh strawberries. Waffles are special so make sure you invest in a waffle maker that lasts a lifetime and is only as pretty as it is high-performing. The BB Test kitchen relies on our All Clad Waffle maker,

Everything you need to know nutritionally about baking with whole grains!

Nothing beats a tender, crispy, slightly sweet, golden corn fritter. This is a summery morsel that is a meal on its own but it is intended as as side dish or appetizer. Fresh corn is best but even canned corn comes up shining in this delicious teaser. Serve with hot sauce or go sweet with a spritz of pure maple syrup or peach chutney.

This dough, made with shortening and butter, yields a light, cookie-like pastry which is similar to the hamantashen you might expect to find in a commercial bakery. If you require a dairy free dough, simply use all shortening or non-dairy margarine (instead of butter and shortening). The recipe for Apricot filling follows but you can also use this amazing dough for prune, poppy, sour cherry, apple caramel, chocolate peanut butter, cherry cheesecake or Meyer Lemon fillings (all recipes in Archives). My best collection of hamantashen of course, is in A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking (Whitecap Books, 2009)

Easy to handle, and adaptable to all sorts of handling and additions (miniature chocolate chips, different extracts, finely ground nuts, spices, etc.) this is another 'little black dress' of cookie recipes to have around. If you want a really sandy texture, use a small proportion of shortening to replace the butter.This does double duty as an Xmas or Hanukah cut out cookie.

This handy scratch mix tastes terrific and delivers a wallop of breakfast nutrition.  Pack up some extra mix in a pretty jar and you have a instant housewarming gift - don't forget to include the recipe.  Although the recipe calls for some seemingly exotic ingredients (malt powder) the final result is a perfectly balanced pancake and waffle mix that a Vermont Bed and Breakfast would be proud to serve. Incidentally, malt seems to be the secret ingredient of the commercial pancake and waffle makers.

Over 60,000 downloads! If you want a dough that is a joy to work with, this classic pie pastry is a must. The recipe yields a large batch of easy-to-work with pie dough - flaky but trouble free rolling and handling. Lemon juice tenderizes the dough. I actually prefer all butter for its incomparable taste but the part vegetable shortening, part butter in this recipe makes for a flakier texture. If you use shortening, choose the no trans fats Crisco -it works as well as regular and is better nutritionally. This is a perfect pastry for almost any filling, from apple pie, to pumpkin pie to quiche. It handles like a dream. Use half the recipe right away and freeze the other half.

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