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There are Wonka Bars and there are Mars Bars and Twix Bars and now, there are Benka Bars. Named by my son Gideon, in salute to his brother Benjamin's newest culinary coup: a quick square that was inspired by the Wonka Bar from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which recently re-debuted. Wonka Bars feature a bit of graham chunks in a milk chocolate setting, Benka Bars take this neat concept up a notch. A big notch. A super recipe for the holidays for the kids to try but we warn you, adults will find these addictive. The Lindt chocolate is essential or you can use Callebut, Ghiradelli, or Vahlrona - you get the (quality) picture.

Easy to make, lovely for presentation.

For years, my (once) mother-in-law made an incredible deep dish apple cake. She gave me the recipe and although I followed it to the letter, my cake, while good, never looked like hers. I finally overhauled it  from top to bottom myself and voila! I got the apple cake of my dreams. This is outrageously- packed with apples, old-fashioned, and easy cake.


Yeasted rugulah are divine this time of year. They taste like miniature bubka!

These are not quite scones, not quite rolls but quick and easy deeply cheddared buns. They are best fresh but incredible toasted.

These are ‘spa’ cookies because they are healthy, lower-fat, appetite zapping, good carbs. They are even on my diet because one of these cookies negates 500 extra nibble calories I would have had without one of these gems. I call them O List because it is the sort of cookie I would love to see in Oprah magazine but so far, no bites. Make these with an Omega rich egg for added heart healthy nutrition.


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