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Old-fashioned, thin crepes you get in French restaurants and bistros. Fill these with berries, a dab of butter, or simply top with syrup. Make this big or small but make 'em thin. A non-stick pan, crepe or cast iron pan is perfect.

This is my favorite - more work than chocolate fudge, but worth every minute.

In Quebec, we have some of the finest buckwheat flour in the world. But buckwheat is easy to find almost anywhere and makes for the most flavorful and nutritious pancakes around. Batter up! If you have any malt powder on hand, add 1-2 teaspoon for another level in taste.

Are these good? These are outrageous. What is it? It’s the ultimate baking mash up: combine croissant dough with a doughnut concept and what do you get? Cronuts. Cronuts are the inspiration (and patented name) of New York Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel. . When I read about how people were lining up at 5 am to get one and Cronuts being sold on Craigslist I knew I had to try a batch.  My recipe of course is not Ansel Bakery’s famous recipe – no one know that formula and this is, still in essence, the inspiration of another pastry chef.  My Flakey Butter Doughnut is however, my attempt to share with you (who might not be in New York too soon) the ultimate doughnut. © Cronuts are a registered trademark of Dominique Ansel of  For how to roll out croissant dough, you might want to check a YouTube video such as

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Warm butterscotch sauce annoints brioche (ok, challah, white bread or old croissants will do) bread-pudding. You have sweet and buttery along with bits of bright red, tartness – no wonder they call it Thanksgiving. This dessert is something to be grateful for. Warm, it’s bistro-dessert decadence. Cold, in squares? It’s indescribably addictive. I suppose you could add butterscotch chips to this or pecans but I like it as it is: pure and sweet.


Four hours or overnight start

These are restaurant (think IHOP) style pancakes. They are tender but hearty and probably the best pancakes you will ever make. I am already working on a multi-grain version but these are the weekend makers. Using malt powder is another trick in this recipe and the source for malt powder online, is included. This recipe is outstanding on its own but using part cake or pastry flour with all-purpose flour makes it over the top.

 Not too sweet, not too rich, this dough is stretched and briefly fried (a wok is fine) before being tossed with sugar and cinnamon. These are the next best thing to being at a country fair. They are commercially made under the trademark name Beaver Tails (C) but fried dough, like you get at a country fair - is what these are all these are - and they are amazing!

This is perfectly balanced between tart and sweet, cake and pastry. It is a make ahead dessert (up to three days) and pleases a crowd. It also looks beautiful. Beauty and brains in baking – bravo!

Ah, another inspiration via Canada’s famed coffee spot, Tim Horton’s. Their new Caramel Apple Bagels are an amazing concept. But alas, when I bought and ate one, I just wasn’t thrilled with the artificial taste (something was just off). Luckily, my own version is all-natural and makes the most of my original great bagel recipe, along with butterscotch chips, caramel hunks and diced apples for a quintessential autumn bagel. How good are these? I traded some for regular bagels at a local bagel shop (for Montrealers, St Viateur Bagel). The pros fainted with delight! They called me at homewhen I barely walked back in the door to ask for the recipe. I kid you …not.

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