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Biscuits - Doughnuts

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You know the place that makes doughnuts that are served fresh and hot and they always give you one free as you gaze at a conveyor belt of donuts in various states of manufacture?  Are these those? Almost. Grab a fryer or wok, and a paper baker's hat, and get ready to enjoy the most tender and most delectable doughnuts at home. This recipe can be found all over the Internet but it did not seem to be a tested one and certainly needed some refinement. To my mind, untested recipes are worth squat anyway. The BB kitchens made these and they flew out of the kitchen. "Wicked good' doughnuts was the verdict.

An overnight rise makes them ready-to-bake. A combination of yeast AND baking powder (but no kneading is involved!) makes these biscuits extra light. An overnight rise makes them ready-to-bake. Prepare the batch and refrigerate. Portions of dough can be baked (or fried) as required. If you want to imitate the fast food version, this is the recipes to use. This is a crowd pleaser - double and triple the recipe as you wish. You can also try freezing them (unbaked) but if you do, increase the yeast 10-15%.

The apple doughnut of your eye - gorgeous, rustic, puffy doughnuts, bursting with apple pie filling.  Bread machine made dough is perfect but you can even use storebough yeast dough. A variation on this is to fold in diced apples and fry up small mounds of the dough, and roll in sugar or drizzle on maple syrup or even warmed up dulce de leche.  Use a wok to fry these up - not that there are any splatters.

If you can get hold of some White Lily flour, that would make even more exceptional biscuits.

Saco Buttermilk Blend works well here.

Cake flour makes this cobbler extra luscious and tender but all-purpose if just fine. Blackberries are stunning in this tart-sweet cobbler.

As good as they sound. Prepare the sweet, yeasted dough for Hanukkah Nutella Doughnuts. These are sumptuous as only homemade doughnuts can be.

Best started the day before

Are these good? These are outrageous. What is it? It’s the ultimate baking mash up: combine croissant dough with a doughnut concept and what do you get? Cronuts. Cronuts are the inspiration (and patented name) of New York Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel. . When I read about how people were lining up at 5 am to get one and Cronuts being sold on Craigslist I knew I had to try a batch.  My recipe of course is not Ansel Bakery’s famous recipe – no one know that formula and this is, still in essence, the inspiration of another pastry chef.  My Flakey Butter Doughnut is however, my attempt to share with you (who might not be in New York too soon) the ultimate doughnut. © Cronuts are a registered trademark of Dominique Ansel of  For how to roll out croissant dough, you might want to check a YouTube video such as

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Over 2200 downloads! My, these are popular scones and why not? They're so big ‘n hefty, crusty with tender cake-like interiors. An oversized ice-cream scoop is all you need to plunk these down on a baking sheet. Then see them rise better than your expectations. You can also sub the strawberries for currants if you are in a dried fruit sort of mood and want a totally different scone experience.

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