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Biscuits - Doughnuts

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 Not too sweet, not too rich, this dough is stretched and briefly fried (a wok is fine) before being tossed with sugar and cinnamon. These are the next best thing to being at a country fair. They are commercially made under the trademark name Beaver Tails (C) but fried dough, like you get at a country fair - is what these are all these are - and they are amazing!

Classic, fragrant, golden corn bread. Quick as lightening and better than croissants with fried chicken 'n gravy.

A trendy, zesty cheese scone that uses both Wisconsin Asiago and sharp cheddar, as we; as a shower of crisp bacon for a smokey, extravagant scone that is a just about a meal; that's how satisfying it is - a true gourmet bistro scone. 

These are cocktail nibbles and salsa dippers
Made with an extra-moist potato-yeast dough

Make these scones free form with a large ice cream scoop or in tuna cans. Clean the cans thoroughly of course.

Pioneer cooks relied on fresh buttermilk for extra light biscuits. Try substituting plain yogurt or Saco buttermilk powder. If using for shortcake, reduce salt to 1/4 tsp. and increase sugar to 2 tablespoons. But made as is, with fresh buttermilk, butter, and a gentle hand, these are high rising, tender biscuits, that are perfect with the Thanksgiving main meal or wonderful, the morning after, warmed and slathered with butter and strawberry preserves.

Big, beautiful crusty with both whipping cream and fresh buttermilk makes these scones extra rich and flaky. Perfect for tea and slathering on butter and Devon Double cream and a smear of strawberry preserves. Make these big for a coffee klatch but little for serving a gaggle of girlfriends. Offer with sweetened cream cheese or Devon Double Cream, marmalade as well as jams and preserves, and a selection of teas.

These cornsticks are best-eaten-when hot and dripping with melted butter. You can also make these as small muffins or in a cast iron skillet from The Lodge, who makes the nifty cast iron cornstick pans. Did you know that anything made in cast iron dramatically increases your iron intake?

Folding butter into these cream-cheese rich biscuits makes them the winningest biscuits for Thanksgiving or any other time. Stonewall Kitchens is renown for their amazing layered biscuits for some time now. They are so good - I do hope you try them. But the baker in me loves the idea of  the concept of layering butter into a dough to make each extra flaky is a technique borrowed from croissant making. It works for croissants, why not biscuits? I think you will agree.

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