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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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A sheet of sweet dough swells to embrace fresh apple slices. This is easy and as good for breakfast as it is for a tea or coffee break.

This cake features a gloriously rich but butter-and-milk free batter, with a river of apples running through it and an elegant fondant ripple topping. A perfect fall or Rosh Hashanah cake.

Big, bold, moist, simple – hey, give me a slice! This cake calls for raisins and nuts but it also is nice with dried or fresh cranberries, chocolate chunks or really, absolutely wonderful with nothing added.  The scent of this baking will bring crowds to your kitchen. I don't think I have ever made a cake that has a better perfume-while-baking than this cake! A drizzle of melted white chocolate, tinted with some cinnamon would be extra special on this cake, or a lemon glaze but the dusting of confectioners’ sugar is perfect. Use your own fresh applesauce or jarred/canned unsweetened applesauce. Btw - my big secret is I rarely use a Bundt pan but I do adore Nordicware's (famed for Bundt pans) colorful non-stick angel food cake pans. It's what I bake honey cake in, chocolate, marble, and any sort of tall, grand hospitality cake.

Not your traditional fruit cake. A butter based batter, a touch of spice.

 If you ever had Matthews House 1812 fine Apricot Fruitcake, you will love this recipe for that was my inspiration in creating this wonderful fruitcake. Way before the Internet, I had to mail away to purchase this cake (since I love anything apricot). I am not surprised to see Matthew's House is still in business and has greatly expanded their line. But I also like DIY so enjoy this golden wonder and I highly recommend you use Californian dried apricots - I get mine at They are deeply orange and amazinly flavorful, tart and sweet and the soul of this cake.

A moist pound cake with an almond studded crumb topping. Great with apricots or you can do half cranberries and half apricots.

 Is this a scone in a loaf or an unusual quick bread? This is wonderful fresh or toasted. It is not quite cake; not quite a bread but somewhere inbetween.  Over 3800 hits - this recipe is a winner and lovelier than springtime.

This recipe is one deep cut of another sort and much like the Indie, now-famous band it was created for, Arcade Fire, it's fabulous and unique. Of course, everyone knows Arcade Fire now, especially with their best album of the year at the recent Grammys 2011. But I first learned about them when I put my old piano up for sale on Craigslist a few years back. This person called Will Butler (who told me he just was a musician) came to buy what he called my 'black beast' (an ancient Heinzman piano). He shared cookies and challah (I was test baking as always) the next day while we waited for the piano mover to transfer the piano from my house to Arcade Fire's practise premises. Of course, the rest is history. Like everything, I honored the occasion by creating a cake. This is my Arcade Fire Cake. Imagine a dark, dense chocolate cake – a great big hunk of cake, all topped with an old-fashioned thick white, butter-based icing like Woolworths and diners used to sell. Don’t bother washing the knife you cut this with; just leave it in the cake pan. It's going to be getting alot of action.

The pure buttery taste of this loaf is quite satisfying. This pound cake is traditionally glazed with a thin pink fondant but you can omit it or use a white or chocolate fondant glaze topping. You may wish to substitute chocolate chips for the currants if you prefer but only use one cup of chocolate chips (not two). This is just one buttery, solid poundcake from Australia that begs for a big pot of tea and a fluffy, vapid magazine or a great read-it-at-one-shot novel.

What brunch is complete without a babka? I make the dough in my bread machine but a dough hook on a mixer works fine to make this silky yeasted dough. Start the recipe a day before and chill the dough overnight, continuing on early the next day to have warm babka by the time your guests arrive.
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