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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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From my first book ("A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking")

Bubka is pure heaven - because it strikes just the right note of sweetness, being neither pastry nor bread. It is relatively easy to make - not as complicated as true Danish with its rolled in blocks of butter but certainly richer and more moist than an average sweet dough. With so few bakeries outside of big cities making real bubka anymore, making your own is a noble thing. Freeze the extra one and bake on another day or make one huge one. This cinnamon bubka is a lovely bread for easter but moreover, simply something nice for a week or weekend of casual friends and drop-by guests, all remarking that finally, spring IS here. Use your mixer or bread machine to make the dough.  A cinnamon schmear, by the way, which is it filling, is a sweet goo of cinnamon, corn syrup and ground nuts.

A mellow and classic banana bread with just enough sweetness, moistness and warm banana flavour to make it a blue-ribbon winner. The best banana breads feature extremely ripe bananas that are fork-mashed (not pureed bananas; a potato masher is actually better than a fork).  Buttermilk is sublime in this recipe but you can swop in cola, coffee or orange juice - whatever you have on hand.

This is inspired by a baker extraordinaire, my once-mother-in-law Shirley Posluns, famed for her amazing apple cake. It is not her recipe exactly – you'd have to watch her make it – but it is pretty darned close and as she dictated to me many, many times. I think you'll love this cake. Just choose McIntosh or, Cortland apples for this easy cake and make sure you don't skimp on the apples - the batter is just a glue that holds it all together.

The quest for the perfect birthday-style "yellow cake" is up there with the quest for the perfect pie crust and the perfect sourdough. If you want light, moist, delicate but easy - tastes like store-bought but with a true, homey, scratch taste. Don't even think 'mix'.  Gotta a celebration? This cake's for you!

 This is a sumptuous, golden, moist sour cream coffeecake to beat the band. If you collect sour cream coffeecakes, you have to try this one.
Use a huge angel food cake pan.

A combination of a moist yellow cake and nuggets of brownie throughout, results in a wonderful and tasty effect. This is an unusual cake because you are baking up two entirely differently sort of batters but it's worth an adventure into unknown cake territory becausea this is such a great cake. Nothing else like it on the planet.

One layer sinks into another as the cake bakes. When you slice it, you detect a unique moist layer in the cake. Difficult to describe, but it's delicious and easy to make.

Are these cupcakes or muffins? Who cares! These are pure gems. Cream cheese and chocolate chips anoint a fudge muffin and then the whole affair is gilded in a ganache, or truffle topping. Curls of white chocolate would make this irresistible along with a dusting of confectioners' sugar.

This gourmet deep-dish tart reminds me of the middle of summer. A trio of fruits form the filling and the top is a patchwork of dough.

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