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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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From my first book ("A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking") and still a winner. In German or Yiddish, the word blitz means lightening - as in the lighting speed with which this amazing cake is put together. This cake uses cherry filling but almost any pie filling would do.

I’ve made a version of this cake for years – it is one from my personal repertoire amazingly flavorful and easy cake. It’s moist, flavorful and replete with hunks of chocolate, sweet raisins and chunks of both semi-sweet and milk chocolate. Although it says ‘bundt’ cake, do as I do, not as the recipe is title (i.e. Bundt cake): use an angel food cake pan for best results. This only needs a dusting of confectioners’ sugar but melted chocolate is also divine. It's sort of like a Chunky Chocolate Bar but in a great, slicing cake.

This recipe makes a huge loaf so you can freeze one or gift it or make half the recipe. It bakes up like a dream, is relatively low-fat but extra tender, moist and fragrant. This is the sort of hefty loaf you find in big, hunky slices on the kitchen counter at midnight or at those coffee pop-up trucks where you can buy amazing banana cake, nicely wrapped in cello paper, ready to tuck into with a cup of hot coffee. Absolutely one of my best recipes. Read about more tricks with this recipe in the instructions!

Caramel Cake, inspired by the book, The Help (Kathryn Stockett) The world needs a great caramel cake and great books such as The Help. The only problem with the book is that it mentions caramel cake so many times and there’s no recipe. But Caramel Cake is a popular Southern cake –not too hard to dream up a quintessential one – which I think I did in this recipe. This is the basic great cake. In my own final version, I whipped up a vanilla buttercream and vanilla simple syrup (instructions below) for a deluxe Caramel Cake. It also makes the world's best yellow cake.  The recipe here uses a caramel icing. If you have (alternatively) soft fondant, use my recipe for Pastry Chef's Buttercream (that uses soft fondant/it's in all my cookbooks) to replace the confectioners' sugar buttercream here.

For years I baked and ate carrot cake somewhat mindlessly. My own recipe was good but to be honest, if you took out the nuts, cinnamon, raisins and cream cheese icing, it and all other carrot cakes barely had any flavor. Why should it? Oil is tasteless and you no sooner would put raw sweet potato in sweet potato muffins or raw pumpkin in pie than use raw carrots in a cake. WHY didn't I think of this before? Plus oil keeps things moist but it's not a taste carrier as butter is. Then I thought: aha! WHY put raw carrots in a cake? And why tasteless oil? Suddenly, I knew what to do. This cake is mouth-watering, best-ever carrot cake you’ll ever have. The soaking syrup is optional but it’s a pastry chef trick that ensures this stays moist for days. The only negative about this cake is that it took me so long to fix the obvious! Enjoy.

Some things never go out of style. This blue ribbon recipe is one I got to know as a child. My grandmother made it weekly(!) for my dad. This cake is known, in bakery circles, as a "good keeper". Not to worry. It tends to disappear rather quickly. A chocolate butter icing is divine or try the alternate (bonus) Sour Cream Frosting.

Deep blue violet chocolate cake offers another spin on ‘velvet’ cupcakes.
but these do have a deep chocolate flavor and moist crumb. White frosting or melted white chocolate glaze is a perfect contrast. The blue glaze atop these cupcakes is melted blue chocolate wafers (the kind that don’t taste like much but melt nicely)

These are tender and delicate and bursting with blueberries in every bite. These are really miniature coffee cakes actually. You can make these oversized, or spoon them out as muffin tops but they present, and bake up especially nicely in this version of a mini loaves or ‘baby cake’. Wilton also sells mini-Bundt pans that would work (but result in fewer cakes overall).

This is a golden, sweet buckle or fruity coffee cake with a streusel topping. It is dense with deep purple, berry freshness, slices easily, which makes it easy to serve. It is summery country elegance in its finest hour and as one of my tasters said, it is the epitome of summer. A ton of work went into this blue perfection – to make the quintessential buckle: not to cakey, nor gummy, not a muffin, nor a quick bread, not a coffee cake – just the best buckle possible.

A gorgeous, moist, slicing coffee cake wiith a bakery touch of flour/butter sugar crumb topping. Great with blueberries but any berry, including minced cranberries would do nicely too.

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