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This is a great company dish for brunch. You can prepare it the night before and reheat. But either way, it is great big buttery slabs of fresh toast, stuffed to the gills with a cheesecake filling and covered in a mellow, apple topping. Outstanding.

This special recipe makes a unique, extra creamy cheesecake with a unique chewy, buttery-sweet graham crust. Then it all gets the cold shoulder in the freezer.  This totally awesome recipe is now in The New Best of, Marcy Goldman, 2009, Whitecap Books.

A sumptuous little cheesecake in no time flat. Who would ever suspect, that graham, a name that once synonymous with health food, would wind up in such a modest, yet decadent little cream cheese pie. This is ideal when you want a little cheesecake and not a huge one.

Another savory cheesecake for a crowd. Chevre, herbs and a ribbon of sundried tomatoes make this elegant and unique. Use filo as a crust of a soda-cracker and butter bottom. Serve with water crackers or hunks of fresh sourdough.


This is superb for a party or brunch. It is different and satisfying – not quite chocolate soufflé cake and not a cheesecake but somewhere in-between. It is as good served chilled in wedges with warm white chocolate sauce as it is slightly warm out of the oven, with caramel sauce or whipped cream or even a scoop of softened vanilla ice-cream. Use leftover chocolate cake such as Classic Dark Chocolate Layer Cake and leftover Notting Hill Brownies (without any nuts in it) or your own. If you are really time-pressed, use leftover store-bought or a mix. I give you permission for the final results of this cake are more than the sum of the parts (although homemade everything makes it cake Utopia). And if you don’t have enough cake  - use more brownies; or vice versa or make up the difference with the bread chunks. It is a flexible recipe. Chocolate extract is optional but a nice touch. Nielsen Massey makes it and can advise you where to find it online or in stores.


What did you think? Ben and Jerry's should have all the glory? This cake rocks. Use homemade cookie dough or let the Doughboy (Pillsbury) offer you a shortcut. This makes a creamy cheesecake with chunks of semi-firm dough throughout with the chunks that are on top, slightly set and cakey. This is easy, fast, and a slice of heaven.  

A sweet cheesecake tunnel, studded with chocolate chips, makes this cake a winner with kids and adults alike.  I use an angel pan for this -not a Bundt but if you use a Bundt pan, just make sure you generously spray it with non-stick cooking spray.


This is one of my best cheesecakes of all times and usually, it is found in my cookbook, A Passion for Baking, Oxmoor House 2007. But somtimes, as a treat, I offer it online. It's perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime you need a big, impressive celebration cheesecake. I don't know where I first heard the term Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake but I knew once I did, I had to create something that befit the name. Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake can be made in a few ways (if you are prone to tinkering with recipes) but these elements are constant: caramel swirls, chocolate chunks, white chocolate, pieces of Turtle Bar chocolates or similar pecan and caramel candy (Snickers will do just fine), and a shower of chocolate curls on top. I took my version up a level by adding hunks of homemade brownies like Notting Hill Brownies (but in a pinch, even a brownie mix is fine). This is a dense, rich, gorgeous cheesecake that will be the talk of any party or place you create it for. It feeds a crowd and is the stuff of instant legend. Btw, it's not hard to bake up (even a novice can make it) it just takes alot of elements - but worth every minute of effort and every calorie.

 What could be cozier than a cinnamon toast rendition of a decadent cheesecake?  If you had cinnamon chips you could add a few to the batter. 

A high and creamy, dense cheesecake that's creamy but not cloying. This is a classic that takes well to many variations.  riginally New York Cheesecake used a sweet tart or a shortbread cookie dough but few people, even restaurants use that approach anymore - it's buttery graham crust all the way. A great New York cheesecake features a wonderful, sweet, baked-on-top sour cream topping so that you slice through this extra topping, into creamy cheesecake. I prefer a water bath with this cake but a slow bake is also fine or the hot oven to start, and then a longer sojourn at moderate temps. Let it cool in the oven to avoid cracks. Oh, btw, you can also sub thick Greek style yogurt for the sour cream, in a New York minute update.


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