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Budapest, here I come...This is an elegant cheese tart, more than a cheesecake. It features a light pastry shell, baked in a quiche pan, and is filled with a special, lemon-vanilla cheesecake batter. It's not huge but that is fine for that means it doesn't cost a fortune in cream cheese, nor chilling time, nor calories.

These pastries are like Danish but much easier.  A fascination with dry cottage cheese, which is the basis of many European, especially Hungarian pastries, led me to make my own version of this delightful treat. It is a sweet dough filled with cheese and jam. You can use apricot or sour or sweet cherry preserves. You can also add raisins to the cheese filling.

There is something in the mist. Is it a leprechaun, a pot of gold or a lucky shamrock? Faith and begorrah, it’s the best cheesecake ye ever will make.  It is a mellow dream of cream, chocolate and subtle mint. Find a 4-leaf clover to adorn the center in honor of the day.

I’m not sure why this crust-less cheesecake has this name (some say it really is from Malaysia) YouTube video abound with a similar, unique and very appealing simple cheesecake with different methods and ingredients (and proportions) but with the same name and look. This is my version of this pure and simple, light but rich cheesecake. It’s perfect when you prefer a modest cheesecake that takes well to fresh fruit toppings or a dusting of confectioners' sugar.

Pure citrus oils make all the difference here
This is a dual layer cheesecake sort of coffeecake. It calls for but a pound of cream cheese. Smooth and light, and pretty as a picture.
This creamy cheesecake is best prepared one day ahead.It can be served solo or with tangy Lemon Lime Curd (below).

This is the best of a sweet pick-me-up which is what Tiramisu is all about. It features a zesty, canary-bright lemon curd along with the decadence of whipped cream and espresso soaked Lady Fingers. Still it is light and luscious and perfect for those who like lemon versus the all coffee version of this classic refrigerator treat. I’ve never been a fan of raw eggs in things (no matter how safe it is supposed to be) and so my version of tiramisu is sublime but egg-free. (but also it’s best made a day ahead) You can make a fresh lemon curd for this (check out a lemon meringue pie recipe on the site) but for this recipe I tend to use packaged lemon curd (which is essentially sugar and cornstarch and natural lemon) to make things a bit easier. It’s one of the few places I compromise.

Every cheesecake maker needs one marble one in their repertoire and this is mine. Cheesecakes were the mainstay of my cake business when I was a wholesale baker. This one is an institution. A dramatic version of a chocolate marble cheesecake. Bittersweet chocolate swirling throughout with a glossy fudge glaze. Make sure the milk chocolate you use for the cake batter is of excellent quality. For an all-chocolate cheesecake, tint the batter throughout with melted chocolate, instead of marbleizing it.

Dreamy, creamy white chocolate cheesecake  topped with a shower of fresh blueberries and a battalion of raspberries, all glazed with a slick apricot jam shine, and sides coated with chopped white chocolate. Cue fireworks.

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