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 Dear Bakers and Friends,

Announcing the $19.99 BB Recipe Access, 12 Months (until March 31st)

Good morning all, on this snowy day (wasn’t it Spring a day ago?).

This is just a short note to announce a BB Subscription Special for only you all.

Many of you have subscriptions now ending (for some reason).

So, until the end of March, you can re-subscribe for $19.99 US funds.

This special is done via a transfer of funds via to

$19.99 USD to

I’ll update accounts ASAP and advise you with a confirmation email.
Passwords should remain the same. (Checks also welcome if you're not a fan of Paypal.)

On this end, I am segueing from hamantashen and soda bread to Matzoh Buttercrunch and Hot Cross Buns and all things: spring! I am also working on some amazing projects (best to keep me out of trouble) which I hope to let you know about soon.

So again: BB Subscription Special is now ON!
(and if you buy a cookbook, add 4 months to that 12 month subscription)

Back in April,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker








Hearth-warming, Classic Irish Soda Bread. After Best Ever Apricot Hamantashen, this is one of my favorite things!

Dear Friends and Fellow Bakers,

Just a short note this month as I’ve been embroiled making (still making) hamantashen!

Purim is once a year but oh, what a week of baking it is! Recently, I scribbled down the current list of all the fillings I now have created for these amazing pastries. The list includes: Apricot, Cherry, Dried Cranberry, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Apple Caramel, Cherry Cheesecake, classic Prune, Poppy and Meyer Lemon which is in the spring chapter of The Baker's Four Seasons. I’m pulled between tradition and innovation and it’s a sweet, happy chaos between these two worlds. What dough to use? That’s easy – although I also make an Orange Oil Hamantashen Dough, my personal favorite is the Almost Like a Bakery Dough which is both on this website and in my cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking (Whitecap Books 2009).

Today, March lst, is somewhat of a day of rest in these parts. It's the occasion of my eldest son’s milestone birthday so I'm switching gears and making birthday cake and a special dinner. But early Monday morning, after I go swimming, I’ll be baking more hamantashen with a friend or two. It's always more fun to bake together. I love making hamantashen but the real thrill is giving them out to people who are not even expecting a gift but are most deserving (and/or could use a lift).

I’ve been back at tango lately, trying new classes and scenarios as well as spinning and adult ballet class and working on a new biscotti book. I’ve also been upping my meditation practise, reading and journaling like a fiend, and taking a unique online course. An online course in what? It’s a secret but if it goes well, I’ll let you know one day. Finally, like anyone in the north east, mostly, I’ve been waiting for spring. I love cosy baking in winter but at this time of year, even I’m ready to say: uncle. Until then, I’ve some recipe treats for you to try, especially hamantashen and some favorite Irish delights in honour of St. Pat’s.

Oh yes – I have another Kindle Countdown this month starting today (March lst) for a discounted price on A Passion for Baking (prices are at the lowest on the first day and the price goes up a bit each day for a week). Apologies that the Kindle Count Downs are only available in the U.S.

Warm wishes, happy baking,  (and happy Purim and happy St. Pat's),

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

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