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July 2016 A Note from Marcy




 Welcome to the July 2016 Issue of BB. How sweet it is to be baked by you! Start with these Free Mixed Berry Cobbler Bars

Dear Fellow Bakers and Friends,

Good morning and happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, both here and wherever they may find themselves on this, the year before we celebrate 150 years of Canadian confederation. We are, at 150, not only looking very good for our age but at 150, as our American cousins, we are relatively young. In terms of world history, America, at 239 years, is indeed, a youth. But what amazing youngsters both our countries are! And what great harvests of fruit July represents for both sides of the border. That's why, in addition to some patriotic treats, the July Issue of BB is somewhat fruity – as well as American as apple pie and as maple-y as a Quebec sunrise.

For the last year, I’ve been in a vortex of change which shows no sign of resolving or slowing down. So I’ve surrendered (so unlike me). Clearly, there's no routine and while I have some goals (finish new website, write books, go on vacation), the only rhythm is no rhythm. Each day seems an ad lib, scriptless experience. It's like a controlled free-fall crafted of old and new versions of me and my habits. I want to 'get back' to 'my normal' but I suspect, like the White Rabbit, that is long gone.

So each morning, when I wake up (and one never knows if that is 4 am or 9 am), I take a minute to note my day’s ‘marching orders’ – whether it is the schedule on hand (do taxes, trade in car, fix oven) or the higher order schedule (let things unfold, be less dramatic over trivialities and have faith). The former marching orders are ‘outside in’; the higher order to-do list is an ongoing re-setting of intentions and are ‘inside out’. Finding the balance between the two is a challenge. Example? I was laid up for 2 weeks for a few nasty colds. I finally gave up the yoga, swimming, walking, running as well as work, leisure and seeing friends. Instead I became a book as well as Netflix devotee. I watched McFarlen twice, The Fundamentals of Caring three times, and Pride and Prejudice at least four times. In this time I realized that my usual is doing too much, too fast and all at once. It’s my calling card but I think I want to change that.

But then? I attended an amazing bread workshop in Montreal wherein bakers from Ontario, Maine, Vermont and Quebec all assembled. It was a richesse of baking experts and otherwise very floury, bready, impassioned people that now has me searching for a grain mill to mill organic wheat berries and working on a new starter.  New sourdough starters, grain mills (and yes, I want to get back into juicing) notwithstanding, I will go slowly and doing the savour thing versus the inhale-life-without-digesting thing.  I've promised myself  I'll pursue all that I love in a sedate way that's becoming of an evolved (mature-ish) person. Of course, the road to peaceful innards are paved with such promises.

The truth is, Passion is an indifferent task master. If you are lucky enough to have one or more passions, chances are, you are a passionate person (in general). Passionate people are many things but slow of pace, they’re not. I'm not convinced one can change that but it's worth a shot. Instead of passion's warp speed, here's to quiet reverence, reflective joy, soaking in the moment, being mindful and an attempt to meted out the pace of said passion. Done right, this new approach should ensure that the candle burns both long and steady, as well as stays light filled and joyous. Well, that's the plan anyhow. We'll see what prevails.

Wish me g-dspeed on this passionate journey; I wish you the same.

Happy July, Canada Day, Independence Day or start to your vacation.

Happy baking….always,

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
Est. 1997
p.s. this issue should have included a Quinoa Whole-Wheat Bread but it's still baking. I won't rush it or me. Stay tuned.

Free Mixed Berry Cobbler Bars

What a mash-up! Berries and cobbler but in a awesome, fruity bar. Great for picnics!

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What's more Canadian than this delectable swath of fried dough? I like it drizzled with maple syrup or tossed in sugar. Simple is best.

Greek Restaurant Whole Wheat Bread
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Free Maple Cured Teriyaki Salmon
This is quintessential, huge and one of the most impressive apple pies you're likely to make.

Free Americana Apple Tart
Over 1750 downloads - this recipe must be doing something right.

Carrot Cake Biscotti

This is inspired !There is no other word. It features a mellow vanilla, cinnamon, orange biscotti batter, calico-ed up with shredded carrots, walnuts chunks and raisins. The cream cheese frosting is actually melted white chocolate. This biscotti is crisp without being jaw-breakingly hard; it's like carrot cake but in on a stick.

Strawberry Shortcake Biscotti
I love shortcake in all its guises: with baking powder biscuits, scones, sponge-cake, yellow cake or this rendition - a crisp biscotti that is chunky with berries that sit in a river of cream cheese, encased in a vanilla biscotti dough. Easy to tote to the beach.


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