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August 2014 A Note from Marcy





What could be finer with a glass of Home Brewed Lemon Iced Tea than a batch of Baker's Best Almond Biscotti? Welcome to the warm, sunny August Issue of


Dear Fellow Bakers and Friends,

I have a confession: I used to dislike summer, everyone else’s favorite season. How can anyone living in this hemisphere dislike summer?  As a baker, I'm simply more partial to a chilly nip in the air. That's what lets me know it’s baking time. Moreover, I prefer structure and somehow, summer is not as structured as the other seasons. Plus I'm horrid about both high temperatures and humidity. You now those people who 'work' well with the heat? I'm not one of them unless we're talking 350 F. Truth is, it’s not a picnic inside, sitting and writing (which is what writers do) and it’s rather too hot to bake (which is why I get up early to do both). It could be different for James Patterson or Stephen King but to me, writing is the sort of career that really thrives in fall and winter; somehow in summer it's far harder to focus.

But ever since last summer, I’m a changed girl. I love summer. It’s perfect for BBQ’s with my family and friends, or summer pots of tea, tango in the park and (my little secret), late hour mall girlie girl shopping, when no one’s around and I can browse the stores (and perfume, as well as candle shops) to my heart’s content. I finish off with coffee enroute to the movies or the bookstore. Sometimes, as the mellow days add up, spent doing all of the above, as well as farmer’s market strolling, it feels like one big pajama party. I fit my all my work in somehow but still manage to enjoy the beautiful weather. I even love the summer rain.

So this year, since my conversion to summer is now complete, as I see August bearing down and notice the sun setting earlier, I'm feeling miffed. I could also be miffed because I had to unexpectedly replace my clothes dryer or perhaps because I’ve spent undue hours working on the new cookbook which has made summer speed by even faster than usual. But oh, what a treasure the new cookbook is!  As I proof-read the Summer Chapter (it’s a book about baking and the seasons) I realize I'm not just reading about summer, now I’m experiencing what I wrote and the recipes I’ve created. It's summer and I am in the summer chapter - all very meta. On this occasion, let me also thank yet again the volunteer baking testers and proof-readers who are combing through this cookbook to help me make it perfect - for you! Btw, the book features over 180 recipes and there's a bonus Tea and Coffee recipe chapter which is a book in itself.

So without further ado, since I don’t want to miss anymore summer, here’s some August recipes to keep you busy. Bake early, taste lightly and enjoy the sun.

Warm wishes,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

August 2014 Recipes

FREE  My Best Almond Biscotti Almond Biscotti

Free Home Brewed Lemon Iced Tea
A perfect summer tonic.

Maple Bacon Biscuits
These are superb on their own or perfect as the base for a breakfast sandwich biscuit. Top with a slice of turkey sausage and an egg omelette ‘round’ for a banquet or just add a thin slice of aged cheddar – you can’t go wrong.  Boyajian Fine Oils makes pure maple extract (but you can make these without the maple extract)

Asiago Cheddar Potato Bread
This is a coarse textured, lusty bread that you make in a spring-form pan. It’s one of those signature breads that everyone is wowed by. Perfect for summery BLT’s or just buttered with slices of garden fresh tomatoes on top.

FREE Chopped Layered Salad
This is lovely to look at and handy, as it is made ahead (up to three days). It is refreshing and unique, and perfect picnic food.

Cranberry English Muffin Bread
Great for toasting, drizzled with butter, honey and cinnamon. This makes a rustic English muffin taste in a nice slicing loaf. The cranberries make this divine and different. Use two large coffee cans (or loaf pans). Another great bread for a breakfast sandwich.

Georgia Peach Pie
This country pie would be the hit of a barn-raising. It is bulging with fresh peaches, a touch of spice and some extracts to make it ham up the dessert table, regardless of the occasion. Don't tell anyone but using part nectarines makes this even better peach pie.

Peachy Cobbler Squares

Great flavor in a small bite. This features a buttery tart dough as the base, topped with fresh diced peaches and then a shower of shredded tart dough. Once baked, you have a sweet sunrise in a gorgeous square. Baker's trick? Use half pluots and half peaches!


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