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APRIL 2015 A Note from Marcy


Free!!! Gorgeous and fresh, Apple Rhubarb Crostata from The Baker's Four Seasons Cookbook, Marcy Goldman (available everywhere in print and Ebook)

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the wild and wooly spring issue of BB – a time of year when I am fevered to create tons of springy things, including holiday treats for Easter and Passover. I want to share a ton of recipes that showcase springy flavors of salmon, asparagus, maple, leeks, strawberries and rhubarb but in actuality, I  can barely make my way out from under my own Passover preparations, taxes and two other significant distractions.

The first one is the bathroom renovation, overdue by 15 years or so, and slated to begin in mid-June. Instead, without warning, it suddenly came about a few days ago, when Home Depot announced they had a cancellation in their schedule. So, I've been up everyday this week, at the crack of dawn, listening to jack hammers and testing recipes with the water turned off. Not a big deal – I just tell myself I am Laura in Little House on the Prairie and Pa forgot to prime the well. At some point, there’s got to be water.

The other distraction is a actually a small secret. For the last two years, along with the challenges of self-publishing, I’ve been doing a huge bakery/restaurant consult job. It's in regards to a young man that has this notion to quit his day job and launch the flagship of what he hopes will be a fleet of similar café/bakeries based on a very special concept. His concept is to bring my recipes to the public and make authentic warmth and hospitality the new order of business. This ambitious fellow wants to create a fast casual menu (amazing soups, extraordinary world-beat sandwiches, and towering salads of every global flavor possibility) and stack this savoury menu alongside my favorite creations (muffins, scones, squares, pastries, cakes, biscotti). In short, he wants to serve great food fast, and balance the healthy, flavorful stuff with chef-crafted baking and desserts I’m known for. Even though I told him the food business is a tough one, he's quite headstrong and pays me no mind. Indeed, he seems to grow more resilient and determined at every turn. And yes, he did just quit his day job. And so, this summer, this plucky fellow, aka my eldest son Jonathan Goldman, is opening Red Bird Café and Bakery, on Montreal’s most trafficked street, St. Laurent.

The last few months, I’ve spent umpteen hours in the cold, navigating icy streets, zooming around in my son's Honda (the same son who doesn't believe in wind shield washer fluid) in search of the perfect location. I’ve been creating and testing recipes and making them into formulae, sourcing suppliers and testing commercial ovens. And I thought I’d  be writing my novel this spring. Now, interviews for the main chef and baker and barristas have begun. There’s a million and one things to do before the restaurant opens; I’ll keep you posted. If you want to send Jonathan (my son) a shout-out via his Facebook page – he’d appreciate it. I'd appreciate it that if and when you visit Montreal (unless you live here) you come say hello and have a coffee. I'll be there a great deal of the time, training staff, seeing what recipes fly and making sure all the things that make my cookbook recipes shine are incorporated in the Red Bird menu (which I am putting the final touches on). Why Red Bird you ask? Because I seem to have cardinals everywhere - there's my Cardinal chimes and the Cardinal wood door-knocker the boys bought me years ago (you pull the cord, his beak opens and he makes a sound). Over the years, red birds or the heart-y Cardinal just seem to have become our family mascot; so the name just seemed natural and it stuck.

Btw, for those who've 'read' me for years, yes, my three sons have grown up. One is an entrepreneur as of two days ago (Red Bird Cafe), my middle son is still involved in sports, works and does various, most worthy volunteer work. My third and youngest son has a few more months of university left (Music Major) and he's already working as a composer, scoring small films. You can visit him at or at SoundCloud. If you tell him his works sound like a 'young John Williams', you'll make his day.

Other than that, the biscotti book is being tested and for your recipe chatting pleasure, there’s now a Jewish Holiday Baking Facebook page you can visit over at There's no charge to join - you just ask to be let in. And then you can talk Jewish Holiday Baking with me and everyone else to your heart's content. There's also more Passover recipes in the BB Recipe Archives and a lot more wonderful Easter-appropriate ones as well.

Without further ado, I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful welcome to the milder weather of spring. As always, I wish you happy baking,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker, Chief Concept Offices, Red Bird Cafe and Bakery (!)
est. 1997

My Famous Matzoh Caramel Buttercrunch FREE
Over 20,000 people have downloaded this recipe since 2004 although I first published this  "Trademark" dessert creation of mine in 1986 and invented it in 1985 - and not to mention the people who use the recipe from my first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking (Whitecap Books, new edition, 2009).  

Are You Sure These Are For Passover?Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
If you prefer, you may substitute raisins for the chocolate and add chopped nuts. If you are not serving these for a Seder supper, I would strongly suggest you use butter. What else could you call such a cookie that tastes like a gourmet chocolate chip cookie and yet, miraculously, is 'ok' to eat at Passover? This is what gets you through Passover week.....the perfect sweet nosh.

Ganache Flourless Passover Torte
There are a myriad of flourless Passover tortes one can create for this special holiday. This particular one is sophisticated but relatively easy, can be frozen ahead and features a ganache glaze that is baked into cake for a glossy swirl.

FREE Cream Cheese Glazed Quick Hot Cross Buns

A rich scone dough with two leaveners and a cream cheese glaze. These are unique. They taste better and are easier to make than traditional sticky buns and if you add a touch of spice, wonderful as mock Hot Cross Buns.

FREE Greek Easter Bread
This recipe is ada[ted from a friend who recommends polishing the dyed red eggs with a little olive oil to make them shine, before placing them in the unbaked bread loaf.

Paris Cafe Asparagus and Herb Quiche
April in Paris quiche is more like it…Younger than spring time is this quiche, with its herbs and cheese mix. Perfect with lamb’s lettuce salad. Instead of asparagus, sauted leeks also work well.
Fresh Strawberry Bread with Cream Cheese Drizzle
No yeast, fresh berries, a bright, tangy taste by the slice. This quick bread is perfect spring baking – it is a jaunty quick bread, with a moist crumb, bejeweled with chopped strawberries which dart through it. A gorgeous cream cheese fondant drizzle crowns it (but it is fine without it).

FREE  Almond Poppy Seed Muffins
A simply delightful, fresh and delicate muffin.


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