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Dear Bakers and Friends,

I hope you’re enjoying the balmy August temperatures and baking with the best fruit of the season. Nothing beats local (unless it’s Honey Crisp apples: I don’t care where they’re grown or how far they’ve travelled – I’ll buy them).

I've also been posting a lot of neat things on Instagram so follow there if you want more recipes, recipe shots and updates on great products to cook, bake and live with.

A few BB’ers have written and asked about a BB special subscription rate since it’s been awhile since I’ve offered a special. So here it is. Until September lst, Labour Day, you can subscribe for two years at the one-year price.

$39.99 for 24 months of (and unlimited access to the Recipe Archives)

Sign up as usual and we’ll adjust your membership account to reflect two years of great baking.

Warm wishes,

Marcy Goldman

Master Baker, Author
est. 1997













Beautiful Peach Nectarine Crumble Bars, a great way to start off your baking for August.  Check out all the recipes in this month's issue of

 Dear Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the August Issue of Despite the warm, lazy summer weather, I’ve been busy putting the final touches on the new Biscotti Cookbook.  The biscotti cookbook will be in print and e-book and available via Amazon et al. Fingers crossed - it should be ready by September.

I've also been baking new treats and getting my Instagram account activated again so I can showcase them. Please follow me there for great bits on recipes I'm baking and products I'm reviewing.

I’ve been publishing on and you’ll find one of my features, A Love Letter from a Boomer to a Millennial at

Other than that, I attended StartUp Festival in Montreal where I mixed and chatted with acres of amazingly smart, positive, industrious entrepreneurs. The diversity of what is out there in the way of technology is astounding and you can't afford not to notice or be inspired. Ironically, despite it being a tech start up conference, the theme of the event was Luck, as in, do you believe in luck? Is luck without hard work possible? Are some people just naturally luckier than others? It got me thinking. For instance, do recipes turn out better for positive people? Find out with this month’s free recipes and some tasty new ones. Or better yet, if you want more luck in your baking - just start with great ingredients and tools and right - a great recipe from Then you won't have to worry about luck......well, not too much!

Warm wishes and happy baking,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997


Orange Poppy Seed Biscotti
These are just amazingly light and crisp and perfect for a summer’s day.

Peach Nectarine Crumble Bars - FREE

Refreshing pastry bars that make the most of the peach and nectarine harvest.

Blueberry Honey-Dipped Scones
Gorgeous vanilla scones dotted with the sweet ooze of hand-picked blueberries and blackberries and a honey glaze to keep them fresh for days.

Double Garlic Twisty Cheesy Bread - FREE Over 5600 Downloads FREE
This along with a salad is a banquet.

Incredible Cinnamon Chip Cake
This is just the most superlative cake I've created in awhile. If I say this is good -trust me - it's excellent! It makes an outstanding 9 by 13 inch coffee cake but you can also make it in a spring form pan. It’s high, moist and delectable to the last crumb.





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