The Writer's Life


Favorites for Writers and Creators

Faith and Will
The Sound of Paper 
Walking in This World, The Practical Art of Creativity
The Right to Write
The Artist's Way

These are all Julia Cameron books, and mostly by Tarcher Putnam, a superb publisher who knew a good thing when it found it and created a home for Ms. Cameron's writer's wealth. The Sound of Paper is the long awaited sequel to The Artist’s Way. Cameron was on to creativity, its value and ability to keep us centered, passionate, and spiritual before a lot of people caught on. This, like The Right to Write, and The Artist’s Way should be required reading for everybody. Cameron makes a strong case for the connection between creativity and everything (!) but certainly one’s well being. She is especially good a motivating via the written word and each chapter, builds on once concept, in pragmatic ‘lessons’ all of which lead you to find your inner artist and revel on your own g-d given creativity. Great reading – like having your own motivational coach by your bedside. Cameron's most recent work, Faith and Will is solace for anyone - writers et al. It's impossible to put down. It is about losing and finding your way - in spirit and self hood. Cameron's honesty in speaking her truth which are often, reflective of the readers' most personal thoughts, is a comfort in and of itself.


Beg, Borrow, Steal, A Writer’s Life
Michael Greenberg 2009
The author of Hurry Sundown, skillfully knits together a collection of moments of a life of writing, family, friends and inner demons with candor, humor, and succinct observatory powers. This paints the unseen underbelly of trying to create and earn by your craft. It’s not a glamourous life (wait for the movie version for that) but it’s real and worth reading.

The Fine Print of Self Publishing
Mark Levine

If there is a better, more accurate, up-to-date or comprehensive book on publishing (never mind: self publishing), let me know. This is incredibly thorough and intelligent material on everything but everything you need to know on publishing, but specifically self publishing. Levine covers online (dissing or approving, but generally assessing) publishers, as well as the fine print in contracts, print or otherwise. Don't consider self publishing without this book by your side. It saves time, money and energy -which you really need for your book to begin with!