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David Turner
Dingley Press 2006

Why is something that is so passionate and global so rarely chronicled – let alone in-depth, as David Turner has done in his wonderful book on tango? ”Probably because dancers are not writers’ said Turner. Fortunately, in additionto being an accomplished tanguero, Turner is a writer and so fortunate are we, as readers exploring tango, to enjoy a tango tour de force. As turner is a teacher as well as participant of the dance, he offers a broad perspective. He covers basics and techniques, styles, and invites input from tango teachers and students to enrich his already rich text. As informational as the book it, it never loses its warmth about its subject nor errs on the side of technical excess. Turner offers you every nuance but in writing, that tango offers those who know it but cannot share it, as Turner does, in a step by step unfolding of tango, from the ground up. Chapters focus on steps or concepts but are fleshed out with the warmth of the social and warmly human, tango experience. A must for tango folk and those who think tango is just flash and showmanship –this takes you to the nitty gritty world. It is also a back-up course to tango –if you are in it and have a moment where you are not dancing but want to explore, on another level of experience, what tango is about and what the intention of each step is. There is even a trip to Buenos Aires for those who take tango to the next level. (Full of superb photos by Turner)
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