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July 2011 Bakers Stash

Piping Hot, Fresh Classic Southern Cornsticks. Doesn't anything say summer better than this? This and more at

Dear All,

Welcome to the July Issue of BB. Due to test kitchen renovations, this is a short note of welcome and then it's off to the recipes. I've given you some picnic fare and a nod to both July lst, Canada Day and July 4th, the summery big American holiday. This is also why I am also sending this issue out a bit early - because I am off for this holiday weekend.

With warm wishes (and yes, for baking and cooking questions, the baker is in - so fire way).

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997


Classic Southern Cornsticks FREE!! 
These are best-eaten-when hot and dripping with melted butter. In a pinch (minus the corn stick pan) you can make these as small muffins or in a cast iron skillet, made by the same folks, The Lodge, who make the nifty cornstick pans. I like these with a bowl or red chili, scrambled eggs, Southern fried chicken, or with tea in the afternoon. There's a trick to my corn sticks which make them crisp but moist inside.
If you happen to have White Lily Flour, it would make these biscuits taste and picture perfect.

Fireworks Fried Picnic Basket Chicken 
Gorgeous moist fried chicken, great hot or chilled from the picnic basket. Serve with fresh biscuits.

Chunky Granola Cookies 
Totally awesome granola-style cookies. A touch of maple gives them a Canuck/Vermont flavour. Pecans, sour cherries, raisins, cranberries and tiny specs of dried cranberries make these crisp-chewy cookies trail blazers.The slick and sumptuous maple vanilla glaze also doesn’t hurt. If the cranberries and cherries you have are pretty wizened and dry, plump them first in hot water, drain, dry and then add them to the recipe.

Strawberry Shortcake Bundt Cake FREE!!!
Warning: I call this a Bundt cake because who doesn't love the sound of a Bundt cake. But bake it in an angel food cake pan for best results. This is a great traveling and keeping cake. This fabulous cake is both a spring or summer spectacular treat. It features all the wonderful flavors of fresh strawberry shortcake but in a neat, eat-out-of-hand style (no picnic mess!) and make-ahead convenience. This cake can be challenging – because of that wet middle layer but have faith – it works out and is totally delicious.

Strawberry Shortcake Biscotti 
Why not just repackage the whole deal in one new treat? Biscotti batter, stuffed with berries and cream, and then topped with a white fondant, which is totally unnecessary but finishes off the visual tableau of cookies, creamy filling, and bits of scarlet berries, peaking through. A portrait in season flavors, encased in an oversized biscotti stick.

Bran Honey Challah
A recent quiet dinner at a friend’s house is behind this new challah mischief. Everything that was served (with undue apologies – seriously –it’s the company that counts) bought-out but delicious (which goes to show you) foods – spicy salmon, baked lentils with cumin, wild rice, vegetable soup and this amazing challah – a gentle, brown bread which was a honey challah totally stuffed with bran. The result is a nutritious and wholesome challah that is lovely fresh and better toasted. 

Caramel Espresso Cake
A simple little decadent chocolate cake with a smack of bourbon and a caramel espresso sauce you drizzle over. It is simply lip-smackingly good. A fussy cake without the fuss - all you need is a pot or two and a wooden spoon.

Brownie Stuffed Tollhouse Cookies

These are enormous cookies, crisp Tollhouse that surround a huge center of fudge brownie – almost like a giant cookie dumpling. You bite into a crisp and chewy cookie and immediately encounter an almost molten center of chocolate. The contrast of crisp cookie and dense, moist brownie is magical. If you have extra brownies (and you might, depending on how large you cut them), feel free to snack on them. A visitor asked me to recreate these, as something similar is on the Bon Appetit website. Here is the link:
I mistook the concept of brownies and Tollhouse cookies to mean: a brownie wrapped in cookie dough versus chunks of brownies IN a Tollhouse cookie batter (in addition to the chocolate chips). That sounds amazing too but for the moment I am stuck on my own rendition of a whole fabulous brownie wrapped inside cookie dough.

Deluxe Limoncello Cupcakes
Zesty, lemon infused in four dimensions, this is a cupcake for the ages. Lemoncello is trendy - it is the dulce de leche of the new pastry kitchen. But anything this pure, natural and lemony deserves to be an instant classic. Lemoncello is lemon liqueur from Italy.

Deluxe Limoncello Cupcakes



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