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Colonial Candle

A Peach Cobblr Candle and a recipe to go with it,  Peachy Cobbler Squares

Some candles look pretty, some smell gorgeous, and some, happily are both. Such are Colonial Candles, a candle company with a pedigree, evidenced by their signature oval jar candles, specialty scent combinations such as Mango Salsa, Pumpkin Coconut Torte, Cucumba Freca, Grapefruit Wheatgrass, Re Currant and Quince or try and exotic fruit such as the Dragon Fruit.Candle. Each candle comes in a variety of shapes (tealights, jars, pillars) and sizes.There's also their new soy candle collection and, just in time for the Olympics, the London Afternoon Tea Collection. Need a candle accessory such as a candle plate or illustrious glass hurricane lamp, Colonial's got you covered. More? Spend $75 or more and shipping is free!

For more on scent, enjoy my other features:

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