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Our Special Feature

Much like my Bonus Feature, the Special Feature is where you get a bit more bounce for your buck! Wherever I go as a baking writer, you go. Hence you will find strolls down things like the History of Biscuits or Wood Bread Bowls, a salute to chocolate (just cuz I feel like it), or restaurant recipes or in general, a hefty batch of more recipes and reading to entertain you. It is also for recipes or categories that just don’t fit my regular columns but things I think you will enjoy.

Perfume Review: Eau de Musc Narcisco Rodriguez

This is a refreshing, more citrusy spin on the classic Narciso Rodriquez fragrances and decidely cooler fare.It is a quiet but complex composition of citrus, flora, bergamot, spice, and a powder and musk accord. Of the florals, IIris seems to dominate. It is definitely airy and feminine but I detect jasmine or maybe it is that somewhat soapy (it's even reminiscent of Sicily, Estee Lauder) smell that makes me think, bath time jasmine. It is clean - versus innocent; tidy versus 'nicely put away'. It's sophisticated and almost pretty but a bit like a pretty girl with too big a nose! Somehow, one note (citrus? bergamot? or just the domiance of musc in an otherwise light perfume) leaps out and casts an acidic pall on things. That said, this is a unique and special perfume  -it's just not, for all the warmth and promise of musk, that warm or animalistic. It's more watery and ephemeral than that.



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