Breville's Risotto Plus
Enjoy creamy risotto, fluffy rice or a tender slow-cooked meal, from one simple appliance


The new Risotto Plus makes stir-free risotto, fluffy rice, quinoa, or tender slow cooked meals all in the same bowl. Simple to use, the Risotto Plus offers versatility with the inclusion of so many cooking modes.

This culinary genius, kitchen tool makes it simple to be an at-home gourmet chef. With five unique function, and auto keep warm, the Risotto Plus is a kitchen must-have. Restaurant quality risottos can easily be achieved. This advanced multi-cooker ensures the temperature is precise throughout the stir-free risotto cycle, while the gently simmering stock agitates the rice grains allowing you to spend time with your guest instead of over a hot stove.

Flavour is an essential component to any risotto or slow-cooked dish. The sauté function on the Risotto Plus allows you to gradually build flavour by caramelizing and browning your fresh ingredients. The Risotto Plus can also produce up to 20 cups of rice perfect for rolling your own sushi rolls. The Risotto Plus also offers a “keep warm” function, so you can make any dish a head of time. The included steam tray will allow you make perfectly tender vegetables, steamed fish and delicate dumplings.   

The Breville Risotto Plus, BRC600XL, is available at retailers across Canada at a suggested retail price of $139.99. To view the entire line of Breville products or to watch how-to videos, please visit

About Breville

Founded in 1932 in Sydney, Australia Breville has grown to become an iconic Australian brand and now delivers kitchen products to over 30 countries around the globe.

Breville designs and engineers small kitchen countertop appliances to deliver commercial quality performance that look great and are easy to use.  Breville is passionate about listening to what obstacles the home chef encounters and creating a simple solution.  Breville’s Mission is to design the best kitchen tools in the world. Additional information can be found at