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Avon Canada

There's always something new and unique at Avon - where the award-winning, legendary cosmetics and scent company continues to mop up magazine and industry praise and awards. Stay tuned for our reviews as new products are profiled. In particular, check out Avon's skin care and anti-aging products. Some of them are about the best, state-of-the-art products, at the best prices. I try each product that is reviewed and many new launches are on-going. Avon is also tops at best scents at best prices - so stay tuned! And always check with Avon (in the U.S. or Canada) for their sales -there are often deep discounts on fabulous classic skin care products. 

Avon Clinical Line Eraser

We found this effective for something that is relatively mild and non irritating as some similar products are. Knowing it is Avon tried and true, safely tested and effective was also reassuring. The price point can't be beat and it's as good as the department store high-end creams that might break the bank! Highly recommended by our whole team. Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser with patented A-F33 (Amino-Fill 33)—the anti-aging breakthrough of the decade! A-F33 works unlike potent anti-agers AHA, retinol, injectable collagen. The look of deep wrinkles begin to fade in just one week - trust us - we tested this! 100% of women showed visible improvement in fine wrinkles in 2 weeks. Over time, 27% improvement in the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles. Designed to work with the rest of the ANEW skin care regimen to optimize results. This product contains retinol.

Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate
Another bargain in a product that does what the high priced department brands do but for a fraction of the price! See expression lines visibly softened instantly.* 86% of luxury-brand users said they saw the most dramatic improvement with Genics.** 2x the concentration of Youthgen Technology.*** Over time, improves the look of wrinkles, improves the look of discolorations by 32%, and improves the look of age spots by 26%.† Lightweight serum is great for summer. Look almost 6 years younger. We loved this mild, apricot cream that smoothed our the skin and light spots began to fade after a few days. 2X the concentration of Pro 7 Sirtuin Technology*. See deep wrinkles and age spots visibly diminished. Use AM and PM before Ultimate 7S moisturizers

Avon Clinical Eye Lift
Best seller!

There’s a reason Avon’s Clinical Eye Lift is a bestseller. It seems to defy gravity and in a few applications, your eyes look fresh and dewy and yes – they seem to sit a little higher or else the brows puff up in a youthful way. Either way, this is a subtly scented product that is a joy to use. The gel is for the brow area and the apricot-hued cream (it comes pack as a duo application of two difference substances). A pleasure to use and wonderful results.

Avon Absolute Even

These are the product claims: virtually erases the look of skin discolourations, including spots, freckles, sallowness, blotchy red or brown patches, uneven skin tone and some post-acne marks. Here is what I discovered with actual product use: overnight, this lightweight (it’s not greasy or oily or drippy) moisturizing cream with a very subtle, pleasant fragrance, sloughed off a whole layer of skin on my face and neck. This continued for a few days and then I was left with a whole new surface of skin. I looked brighter and more awake and my skin was smooth as silk. This is a must-buy!



Anew Clinical Luminosity Brighting Hand Cream


Like Anew Platinum, this is a similarly incredible skin product. About a week's application garners you soft hands with a more even surface. Spots begin to fade, your skin is transformed and more youthful. It's hard to find such a product and when it's from Avon, you can feel safe and secure it's been tested to be both safe and effective.

Also recommended - Avon's Scents

Outspoken by Fergie

A gorgeous floral that is young and sexy - balanced by a hint of sweetness and greens.
Only Avon could interpret the Fergie spirit in this wonderfully bold but feminine cocktail of black leather, iced berries, and the warm notes of tuberose absolut. For all ages, this perfume would take you nicely through summer into Fall and even the winter holidays. Check out the companion Outspoken Body Lotion.

Avon Instinct

A light, upbeat youthful after-gym-work-out-don't want anything that's over-the-top sort of scent - Avon's Instinct is perfect from work to after work party or post sporty times.




Tried and true is one way to consider Avon but there is far more than that to recommend the brand, whose products I’ve tested for years. You cannot be the research and development, the price point, the hygienic production and the packaging (nor the wonderful catalogues).
Most recently I picked some treasures from Avon and wasn’t disappointed. They include:

Amazingly scented anti-bacterial hand gels that fit in your purse

(I opted for Vanilla, Cucumber Melon and Pomegranate)

Avon's Sweet Honesty, Perfume Classic



Sweet Honesty was launched by Avon in 1973. The fragrance features honey, musk, vanilla, hyacinth, lemon, lily-of-the-valley and rose. It is still innocent and beguiling all at once, and a steal-of-a-classic perfume.

Anew Platinum Cream, aka Youth in a Jar

This is youth in a jar. It is a light pink light night cream that smells like cucumbers and spring water. In the morning, having applied it to your neck and face, you will notice your skin top layer peeling off. It sounds horrible and painful but you don't feel a thing and it simply is a gentle, at-home peel. I had no idea until I started getting wonderful compliments. It transforms your face (one week is all you need and then give it a rest) and neck into baby-skin softness. Totally incredible - best kept secret.

Incredible Great Energy Multi Wear Fragrance from Mark - a terrific line of upbeat fragrances and make-up from Avon
Mark Great Energy is a world-changing scent. It is an exlixir that can be worn as a perfume or just inhale it while you are in traffic for an instant benefit - almost like a spa in a bottle. Made with lemongrass, mandarin and ginger it's good enough to eat but it's one of the most gorgeous things Avon ever came out with. 

Herve Leger Homme, Eau de Toilette Spray
A bold, sophisticated cologne for men that opens with crisp Indian ginger, then Japanese Yuzu, contained with more exotic woods and spices. A terrific sensual scent for Autumn for the office or after hours.


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