"If these cups could talk, what a tale they would tell. Raise a toast to history with America's original tin cup, just as our forefathers did when creating our great nation. In 1819 our company was handcrafting these tin cups here in the USA without welding, soldering, or rivets, and we're still producing them the same way today…"



Those are riveting words from the Jacob Bromwell Company, referring to their iconic tin cup. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can inspire a wee bit of awe but that’s the power of history and design. The Classic Tin Cup by the Jacob Bromwell Company is a faithful reproduction of ‘America’s oldest’ bit of cookware. For over 190 years, this little tin cup has been an integral part of American history, from pioneer days to campfire adventures, this tin cup carries an impressive lineage.

Jacob Bromwell Copper Spice Jar

Still made the same way, rivet-free, American craftsman-made, you can order your cup engraved for a special anniversary or event or enjoy the classic, shiny tin model that’s perfect for baking or sipping a cup of coffee from. Guaranteed for life, the cup is also available in stainless steel. Either way, it’s a piece of Americana, cradled in your hand. Check it out, along with the other specialty products on the Bromwell site that has many commemorative items that are occasion makers. They are especially renowned for their flasks, in copper and other metallics.  Visit