Braun Multiquick MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender MQ735


 Years ago, new brides outfitted their kitchens with Braun everything. Braun was the go-to brand for coffee makers, immersion blenders and food processors. (The menfolk opted for their great electric shavers). Nothing beat Braun and its presence in your kitchen was a statement that a great and discerning cook was at the helm. Trends in housewares and small appliances come and go and somehow Braun disappeared from the North America market. But guess what? Now it’s back in with a brand new launch via the superlative line of iconic Braun products with all with Braun trademark design, reliability and performance.

My long-time Braun favorite was the Immersion Blender and I believe Braun invented this category. When I first embraced it, it was my soup puree-er and gravy maker. Why dump soup in a food processor or blender when you could easily, and neatly puree it all in the pot? One less step, far less clean-up. In fact, it's designed precisely so no food sneaks into the crevices that can't be cleaned up properly and/or can collect bacteria. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that not only does the new model Immersible Blender from Braun take care of the soup, it does just about everything else.

This is the MQ735 in Black; it also comes in white trim

The new model Braun I’m using for the Test Kitchens is the Multiquick MQ735 Hand Blender set. This deluxe 'dream machine' combines the immersion blender with the attributes (and accouterments) of a small processor and blender/chopper. The blender easily clicks into place as the motor and speed regulator for the attachments. One minute, you’re blending a batch of soup, or whipping egg whites or whipping cream (whisk attachment) and in seconds, you can segue to food processor jobs (tuna salad, hummus, pesto, almond butter) or use the tumbler and you can make fruity smoothies or protein shakes quickly and mess-free!

There are also a variety of stainless steel blades for the food processor allowing you to shred (cheese, trendy bowl food ingredients), cut and slice (French fries for poutine anyone?), chop or mince (herbs for your next Coq au Vin or legendary Balsamic vinaigrette) or puree (organic baby food, healthy dips).

What I like best about this awesome kitchen helper is that it really is my new sous chef. It can do everything. It’s compact, not noisy (versus anything else, no matter what the function), it’s designed so no food gets into crevices that can’t be clean up or collect bacteria, it washes up with a rinse (it’s not a big production), stores compactly and does small and big jobs with the same ease. There's no fiddling around trying to get parts to fit or struggling and it has the attachment (with powder to spare) no matter what you throw at it, whether you're cooking or baking, making organic babyfood or a Cordon Bleu feast - Braun's got you covered.