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Microplane Rotary Grater



It's Caesar Salad time - well, it's always Caesar Salad time in these parts. But what to do about the cheese? Fresh parmesan is a must so forget about store-bought. But nothing beats not only great cheese but grated restaurant-style. For that, you need a rotary grater (rasps are fine but I like A LOT of cheese!) and nothing beats Microplane. Who would know about grating better than the folks who changed baking and cooking with their Microplane rasp? 

The Rotary Grater from Microplane is a cinch to use and makes short work of not only cheese, but nuts and chocolate. It's dishwasher safe and provides not only a big shower of fresh cheese on your salad but a fair bit of table-side drama.

Here's a couple of recipes to make use of this nifty kitchen tool. or Amazon or housewares stores

Chicken Caesar Salad With Asiago Cheese
My Famous Restaurant Style Caesar Salad with Sour Dough Garlic Croutons
Restaurant Style Chicken Caesar Salad

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