Ateco Pastry Supply


When I began in professional baking, Ateco was the gold standard for pretty well everything in décor products. That hasn’t changed; if anything, Ateco is better than ever.

Case in point? Their durable blue-toned plastic pastry tips are a must. They never, ever rust and come in hand sets of plain or star tips of twelve sizes. It's also helpful that they're transparent so you can see the icing amount being pumped. All in all - these are a must to replace your metal pastry tips. They are far easier to keep clean too!


Ditto for the Ateco disposable pastry bags. No washing required when you have a whole roll of pastry bags that come in a few sizes. They can be used with couplers or snipped for the larger tubes.

Ateco also makes a full range of pastry and décor products (their cookie cutters are fabulous) and is a one-stop, serves all supply stop for pros and home bakers.