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Fragrance Diffusers for Bedroom or Spa

Nothing is more uplifting than a mist of fragrance whether it be your favorite essential oils or a fragrance oil of your choice (Pier 1 Ginger Peach is one of mine). Two companies in particular have made their mission to make the best aroma diffusers and I am delighted to present them both and an example of their fine products.

Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser

What I like almost best next to its awesome performance, is the wood housing of this compact , 350 mL diffuser from Smiley Daisy, who specializes in this trending fragrance makers. It provides cool mist and humidity and as the box says: moisturizes the room, reduces stress, uplifts your spirits and improves sleep. It really does all these things! You can put essential oils in the water reservoir or fragrance oils if you prefer. It features a handy and safe auto shut-off so you never have to worry about the well going dry. No wonder this is one of the top selling diffusers on Amazon! Use this in your bedroom, or in the bathroom to turn it into a home spa. If you’re in the healing arts, this is a must.


From Guardian Technologies comes a totally different look in a diffuser. Murano art deco glass is the housing behind this 3-mist, ultrasonic machine, which offers continuous or intermittent mist release. It also has a convenient night light control and it’s about the quietest diffuser on the market. You can’t hear a thing but you can see the gentle mist infusing the air. A substantial 200 mL water reservoir makes fill-ups infrequent. Great deco makes this suitable for any room of the house, from bedroom, bathroom to den or kids’ room.


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