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Eden Cove Swim Towels

Eden Cove Microfiber Towels
The Best Swim Towel Ever (or yoga mat towel!)

If you’ve ever heard of a microfiber towel you’ve probably relegated it to a small cloth that dries quickly, most often used for home car washing. However, for swimmers, it’s something else entirely. A microfiber towel, in the (rare) right size, wholly lightweight and absorbent is what a great swim towel is all about. After years of swimming, logging home soggy, heavy terry towels I knew there had to be something better. Trouble was, most microfiber towels are poor quality, don’t absorb and the worst thing? They are too small. Sixty by 30 inches to be exact. Eden Cove to the rescue! What you need a nice, generously sized (71 by 39 inches) towel that mops up everything and keeps you cosy from pool, to shower to locker room. Eden Cove is just that sort of towel. Plus? It dries in a flash but even when wet, it’s hardly a heavy piece of fabric that makes you swim bag something heavy to lug around. I’ve sussed out this quirky product category very well since I swim about six times a week for the last umpteen years. I’ve tested them all! In the end, nothing beats this pretty, silky-smooth Eden Cove towel that comes in blue, pink and a minty green, all tucked in a spiffy draw-string carrying tote. Check them out on Amazon to order and visit them on Facebook page.

P.S. If you're not a swimmer, this is the perfect towel for yoga, especially hot yoga class. Just place it on top of your yoga mat. Wash and wear for the next time!

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