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BetterBaking.com Original Red River Cereal Bread

Sorry, this recipe is now retired in all its glory in A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House 2007. Available at Chapters.ca and Amazon et al. 

This amazing bread is made with Canada’s legendary Red River Cereal, which was originally formulated in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Now a Robin Hood product, the cereal is vintage health food, in this era of whole grains and contains the grain of the moment: flax seed. You can find Red River cereal at www.CanadianFavorites.Com or learn more about it at www.RobinHood.Ca.
Red River is
 a wonderful flax, rye and cracked wheat cereal that bakes up into an awesome bread. This recipe makes two loaves – gently crusty on the outside, freckled with whole grains inside, and overall, moist, fragrant and almost springy with body, making it superb fresh, days later, or toasted. This is a great choice for morning bread or sandwiches. This freezes well and so you can have one bread right away and one for the week after (or a gift to give)


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