These melt in your mouth. I always say that about my own favourite creations but these really do. I love the combination of cream cheese and sour cream because it makes the ultimate easy to hand but still flaky dough. You can add a touch of vanilla to this dough but it is quite delicious without it and the butter taste is more pronounced I created these when I was a pastry chef in training at hotel school and it is still my favorite. Three very competitive male chefs in my class traded their best and most secret formulas for Gateau St. Honoree, Black Forest Cake, and Tarte Tatin for this recipe. If they are making rugulah at the Ritz Carleton in Montreal these days, guests have me to thank. I fill my Hanukkah rugulah with either softened unsalted butter, sugar and cinnamon or apricot jam, ground nuts and raisins. I have a wardrobe of rugulah and these are my new perfect 'little black dress' of rugulah. There are a ton more in my Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking cookbook, new edition, Whitecap Books 2009. 

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