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Anyone who knows of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York has heard of Crack Pie, an old-fashioned oatmeal crusted sugar pie, based on a country style Chess Pie colonialists used to make, that is as addictive as (purportedly) crack. That said, the recipe in the cookbook and online is cracked-up crazy. The original has milk powder and cornstarch – two of my least favorite ingredients in baking, plus the pie recipe didn’t quite work. (The taste of raw cornstarch killed it) So I overhauled it (four times –what I won’t do for baking). Here is my version. It’s sweet, decadent and smooth as silk and best eaten with witnesses. It's one of those pies that everyone says is good but then keeps going back for more spoonfuls (it's a bit sludgey) until there's not a crumb left.

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