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(c) A Marcy Goldman, BetterBaking.Com Original Recipe

Montreal Bagels

Over 13,000 downloads. I I created these in 1985 or so and had them featured in the New York Times - 1987 and again 2015! It's now in my cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, Whitecap Books 2009 and here at of You got your New York style bagels and Toronto bagels (???), and your Montreal legends that put Canada on the bagel map. These are addictive, easy, authentic, and just so darned good. No wonder they were recently voted one of the 7 Wonders of Canada. Montreal bagels are traditionally made in a wood fired oven. They are enriched with honey, eggs and oil. Usually, there isn't any salt in the dough for this makes the taste of the sesame or poppy seed coating really shine through. Montreal bagels are also usually less dense than American bagels and are simply flavor rich along with be exceptionally crusty outside and chewy, inside. Bon appétit! Btw - I have worked on this recipe for nearly 15 years, constantly perfecting it and always sleuthing the bagel shops in Montreal to make sure my own home recipe is tweaked just so and authentic.

1 3/4 cups warm water
2 1/2 teaspoons instant yeast *
3 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons beaten egg
1 teaspoon malt powder **
1 1/2 teaspoons salt, optional
5 tablespoons sugar
4 1/2 - 5 cups bread flour

Kettle Water
6 quarts water
1/3 cup honey

1 1/2 cups sesame seed or poppy seeds (or half and half)

* Or 1/2 ounce fresh yeast

Fresh yeast is spectacular in homemade bagels. Homemade...anything.

** Malt powder is available from health food stores, or ask a local bagel shop to sell you some or use malt syrup (beer brewing stores).

In a large mixer bowl (or bread machine), stir together the water and yeast.

Let stand a couple of minutes, allowing yeast to swell or dissolve. Whisk in sugar, beaten egg, vegetable oil, malt, salt (if using) and fold in most of the flour. (If using fresh yeast, crumble fresh yeast into warm water along with a pinch of sugar. Let stand a couple of minutes and continue - adding other ingredients as you would for dry yeast method).

Knead 10-12 minutes to form a stiff, smooth dough, adding additional flour as required - as much flour as you can - this is a stiff dough.  Cover with a tea towel or inverted bowl and let rest ten minutes.

Line one large baking sheets with a kitchen towel, the other with baking parchment.

Fill a large soup pot or Dutch oven three quarters full with water. Add honey and salt. Bring water to a boil. Meanwhile, divide in 10 portions and form into 10 inch strips. Form these into bagel rings and place on cookie sheet. Let rise 12-16 minutes until bagels are very slightly puffed up. Preheat oven to 450 Degrees F.

Boil bagels about 1 1/2 minutes each, turning over once. Place on towel lined sheet first to dry out. Then sprinkle very generously with sesame or poppy seeds. (Montreal Bagels are more seeded than regular bagels) and place on parchment lined sheet.

Place in oven, reduce heat to 425 F. Bake until done, about 15-22 minutes, turning bagels over once when they are just about done.

12 Montreal Bagels


If you open your own Montreal Bagel franchise based on this recipe, please don't tell me! Enjoy.

© This is a Marcy Goldman/ original recipe
This recipe is for sole, personal use of visitors of BetterBaking.Com Online Magazine. Marcy Goldman/ recipes are for your enjoyment but not to be posted or reprinted without express permission of the author/baker. Thank you kindly for respecting my copyright and happy baking. BetterBaking.Com, established 1997.
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